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Margery Kempe
Lynn Staley (Editor) Margery B. Kempe
Kempe, Margery and Windeatt, B.A. (Editor)
Kempe, Margery; Windeatt, B.A.; Ellis, Alice Thomas
Margery B. Kempe. Lynn Staley (Editor)
Barry Windeatt
Margery (B. Ca Kempe
Margery (B. Ca. 1373) Kempe
Margery; Edited By B.A. Windeatt Kempe
Kempe, Margery; Butler-Bowdon, W.
Kempe, Margery; Skinner, John
Staley, Lynn (Ed. )
Translator Tony D. Triggs
Tony D. Trans Triggs

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Kempe (Margery), with a preface by Alice Thomas Ellis, introduced and edited by B.A. Windeatt: