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Anna Sewell
Hill, Susan; Sewell, Anna
I. M. Richardson
Brown, PaulSewell, Anna
Sewell, Anna; London, Jack
Lewis; Sewel... Carroll
Adapted By F. H. Lee From Anna Sewell
Sewell, Anna; Rooney, Anne
Anna Sewell, M. J. Carr, John Speirs
Anna Sewell,Linda Kempton,Alan Marks
Anna Children's - Sewell
Colln, Louise, Sewell, Anna
Kate & Anna Sewell Douglas-Wiggin
Lewis Carroll and Anna Sewell
London, Jack / Sewell, Anna
Marcia Based on Anna Sewell Martin
Nat Reed
Quinn Currie; Anna Sewell; Donna Ryan
Sewell / Lundell
Sewell, Anna / Sudgen, Mrs
Anna Charlotte Hough Sewell
Anna Ill Fritz Bichenberg Sewell
Anna ill:F W White Sewell
Anna John Beer Sewell
Anna Kemp-Welch Sewell
Anna Lucy Kemp - Welch Sewell
Anna Stanley Lloyd Sewell
Sewell, Anna/ Sykes, Julie
Anna; Cecil. Sewell
Sewell, Anna; Francis, Pauline
Sewell, Anna; Weaver,Martha
Sutton, Felix / Sewell, Anna

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Spyri, Johanna; Coolidge, Susan; Sewell, Anna
Sewell, Anna; Ambrus, Victor [Illustrator]
Verne, Jules; Sewell, Anna; Mulock, Dinah Maria; Dodge, Mary Mapes; Sidney, Margaret; Carroll, Lewis
Sewell, Anna Illustrator: Illustrated by Fritz Eichenberg
Sewell, Anna. Copyright Paperback Collection Library of Congress
Ballantyne, R. M., Anna Sewell, Louisa M. Alcott, Susan Coolidge, Thomas Hughes, Charles Kingsley, edited by Howard Marshall
Bridger, Tessa; Willis, Ted; Sewell, Anna
Burnett, Frances Hodgson; Sewell, Anna; Nesbit, E.; Baum, L. Frank; Falkner, J.
Felix Sutton Anna Sewell; Illustrator-Robert C Frankenberg
London, Jack & Sewell,Anna Lee Gregori & E.Raymond Kinstler
London, Jack; Lofting, Hugh; Grahame, Kenneth; Sewell, Anna
Brown, Ozni / Retold and Illustrated / Peter Pan Records / Anna Sewell
Sewell Anna, Publishing Smithmark, Wiggin Kate Douglas
Sewell, Anna, and Colln, Louise (Editor)