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Anna Sewell
Susan Hill
I. M. Richardson
Lewis Carroll
Anna Sewell and Jack London
Brown, PaulSewell, Anna
Sewell, Anna; Rooney, Anne
Francis, Pauline (RTL)
Sewell, A (Anna)
Anna Sewell, Frank Baum, Lewis Carroll
Anna Children's - Sewell
Colln, Louise, Sewell, Anna
Kate & Anna Sewell Douglas-Wiggin
Jack London/Anna Sewell
Susan Jeffers
Langford, Alan; Sewell, Anna
London, Jack / Sewell, Anna
Marcia Based on Anna Sewell Martin
Nat Reed
Sewell / Lundell
Sewell, Anna / Sudgen, Mrs
Anna Ill Fritz Bichenberg Sewell
Anna ill:F W White Sewell
Anna John Beer Sewell
Sewell, Anna; Andrew, Ian
Sewell, Anna; Francis, Pauline
Sewell, Anna; Laiken, Deidre S
Sewell, Anna; Weaver,Martha
Sutton, Felix / Sewell, Anna

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Johanna Spyri, Susan Coolidge, Anna Sewell
Sewell, Anna. Copyright Paperback Collection Library of Congress
Verne, Jules; Sewell, Anna; Mulock, Dinah Maria; Dodge, Mary Mapes; Sidney, Margaret; Carroll, Lewis
Sewell, Anna Cover by Sherwan Illustrated by Hutchinson
Sewell, Anna Illustrator: Illustrated by Fritz Eichenberg
Anna; illustrated by Rowland Wheelwright Sewell
Ballantyne, R. M., Anna Sewell, Louisa M. Alcott, Susan Coolidge, Thomas Hughes, Charles Kingsley, edited by Howard Marshall
Birney, Betty G.; Virnery, Betty; Thompson, Caroline; Sewell, Anna
Bridger, Tessa; Willis, Ted; Sewell, Anna
Burnett, Frances Hodgson; Sewell, Anna; Nesbit, E.; Baum, L. Frank; Falkner, J.
Felix Sutton Anna Sewell; Illustrator-Robert C Frankenberg
L. M. Montgomery; Anna Sewell; Frances Hodgson Burnett
Lewis Carroll, Daniel Defoe, Anna Sewell
London, Jack / Anna Sewell Gregori, Lee / E. Raymond Kinstler
Louisa May Alcott / Anna Sewell / Jules Verne / Jack London / Charles Dickens / Mark Twain / R. L. Stevenson / L. Frank Baum
Brown, Ozni / Retold and Illustrated / Peter Pan Records / Anna Sewell
Sewell, Anna/ Alcott, Louisa May/ Burnett, Frances Hodgson/ Carroll, Lewis/ Grahame, Kenneth
Sewell, Anna; Ambrus, Victor G. [Illustrator]