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Herbert S. Zim
Robbins, Chandler S.; Bruun, Bertel; Zim, Herbert S.
Zim, Herbert S. & Gabrielson, Ira N
Zim, Herbert S.; Gabrielson, Ira N; James Gordon Irving (Illust.)
Ira N., Zim, Herbert S. Gabrielson
Zim, Herbert S., And Ira N. Gabrielson
Oliver L. Austin Jr.
Herbert S. & I.N. Gabrielson Zim
Herbert S. & Lester Ingle Zim
Herbert S. And Ira N. Gabrielson Zim
Bruun & Zim Robbins
Chandler S Robbins
Herbert S. / Gabrielson Zim
S. Herbert Zim

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Herbert S. Zim, Ira N. Gabrielson
Oliver L. Jr. (edit Herbert S. Zim). Austin
Robbins, Chandler S., Bertel Bruun and Herbert S. Zim
Austin Jr., Oliver L.; Florida State Museum, University Of Florida / And Pictures By Arthur Singer / Edited By Herbert S. Zim
Chandler S, And Bruun, Bertel, And Zim, Herbert Spencer, Ph.D., Sc.D. Robbins
Chandler S., Bruun, Bertel, Zim, Herbert S. Robbins
Chandler S.; Bruun, Bertel; Zim, Herbert S. Robbins
Chandler, S. Robbins, Bruun, Bertel & Zim, Herbert S.
Herbert S. Zim, Bertel Bruun, Chandler S. Robbins
Martin, Alexander C. / Zim, Herbert S. / Nelson, Arnold L
Ph. D. Herbert S. Zim Ll. D. D. Sc. Ira N. Gabrielson James Gordon Irving
Herbert S. Zim, Ph.D. And Lester Ingle, Ph.D
Robbins, Chandler S., Bertel Bruun und Herbert S. Zim
Zim, Herbert S. , Phd. and Ira N. Gabrielson, Ll. D. , D. Sc
Zim, Herbert S. Ph.D. And Gabriekson, LL.D., D. Sc
Herbert S., And Ira N. Gabrielson Zim; Illustrator-James Gordon Irving
Austin, Oliver L. , Jr. and Zim, Herbert S. (Ed.
Austin, Oliver L., (Edited by Herbert S. Zim), Illustrated by Arthur Singer
Chandler S Robbins, Bertel Bruun and Herbert S Zim
Robbins, Chandler S.; Bertel Brunn; Herbert S. Zim; Arthur Singer (Illustrator)
Herbert S. Zim, Chandler S. Robbins, Bertel Bruun
Herbert S.; Robbins, Chandler S.; Bruun, Bertel Zim
Oliver L. Austin, Jr. and Herbert S. Zim (editor)
Nina Shackelford, Bertie Ann Stewart, Herbert S. Zim, Gordon E. Burks
Austin, Oliver L. Jr. (edit Herbert S. Zim).
Robbins, Chandler S. u. Bertel Bruun, Herbert S. Zim (Text); Arthur Singer (Ill.)
Robbins, S. Chandler & Bruun, Bertel & Zim, S. Herbert
Robbins, S., Bruun, Bertel. Zim, Herbert, S.
Shackelford, Nina; Stewart, Bertie Ann; Zim, Herbert S. And Burks, Gordon E.
Zim, Herbert Gabrielson, Ira N. & Martin, Alexander C.