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Herman Melville
Hawthorne, Nathaniel; Twain, Mark; Crane, Stephen; Melville, Herman
Snodgrass, Mary Ellen; Melville, Herman
Herman Melville (Adapter)
Melville, Herman (selected Writings of)
Arlette Vesque-Dufrãâ©Not
Herman Britten. ?Äì Melville
Guy R. Williams
Herman. William Stafford Melville
Herman & Frederick Busch Melville
Melville, Herman (Adapted By)
Melville, Herman (sourcework)
Melville, Herman and Leavitt, Hart Day
Melville, Herman; Beaver, Harold L.
Melville, Herman; James, Henry
Herman Sammlung Dieterich- - Melville

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Mowery, J. Franklin (fwd.); Benjamin and Deborah Alterman (essay); Herman Melville
Melville, Herman [edited by richard robinson]
Melville, Herman; Foreword by Ellsberg, Rear Admiral Edward;
Herman (1819-1891). Price, Alan (Illus.) Melville
Melville, Herman : Introduced By Mazwell Geismar, Illustrated by Robert Shore
Melville, Herman // Geismar, Maxwell (Intro)
Melville, Herman]: Ustinov, Peter, and Dewitt Bodeen screenwriters
Edward Morgan Forster, Eric Crozier, Herman Melville
Forster, E. M. & Crozier, Eric; (Herman Melville)
Geismar Maxwell (intro.) Melville; Illustrator-Paintings By Robert Shore Herman;
Harold Bloom, Herman Melville (Editor), Henry Nelville (Photographer)
MELVILLE, HERMAN with illustrations by PALMER, GARRICK.
Melville, Herman; Blue covers with 4 small ilu [Illustrator]
Melville, Herman; Introduction By Maxwell Geismar
Herman; Geismar, Maxwell (Intro. ) Melville
Melville, Herman w/intro by Geismar, Maxwell, Illustrated by: Shore, Robert
Melville, Herman, And Quackenbush, Robert M
Melville, Herman; Marnon, Dennis. Houghton Library
[Melville, Herman]: Coxe, Louis O., and Robert Chapman:
SD- - Melville, H. , Billy Budd u.a. - Melville, Herman