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John Dos Passos
Dos Passos John
John Dos And Reginald Marsh Passos
Dos Passos, John, 1896-1970
Passos, John Dos; Marsh, Reginald
John American. Dos Passos
Dos Passos
John; B599 Dos Passos
Dos Passos. John (1896-1970)
John (1896-1970) Dos Passos
Paul & John Dos Passos Shyre

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Dos Passos, John
the big money by john dos passos, 1st
Dos Passos, John; Marsh, Reginald (illus.)
Dos Passos, John, and Reginald Marsh [illustrator]
Dos Passos, John Illustrated by: Illustrated by Reginald Marsh
Passos, John Dos, and Dos Passos, John, and Doctorow, E L (New Introduction by)