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John Lemprière
Lempriere, John, 1765?-1824. [from old catalog],Da Ponte, Lorenzo L., 1805-1841, ed,Ogilby, John David, 1810-1851, [from old catalog] joint ed
J. Lempriere, Lorenzo L. Da Ponte (Editor), John D. Ogilby (Editor)
Lempriere, J. [John];
Lempriere, John, 1765?-1824,Ogilby, John David, 1810-1851,Da Ponte, Lorenzo L., 1805-1841
Lempriere, John, Da Ponte, Lorenzo L., ed,Ogilby, John (John David), joint ed
Lempriere, L. (Also: Lorenzo L. da Ponte and John D. Ogilby)
Lemprière, John (c. 1765-1824)

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