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Benjamin Franklin
Bigelow, John; Franklin, Benjamin
Franklin Benjamin 1706-1790
Skousen, Mark, Franklin, Benjamin
Franklin, Benjamin, ,Bigelow, John,
Epes Sargent Benjamin Franklin
Eliot, Charles W. (Editor)
Benjamin Franklin Epes Sargent
Sanborn, F. B. (Franklin Benjamin), -
Franklin, Benjamin, ,Sargent, Epes,
Labaree, Leonard W. (Editor)

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Franklin, Benjamin
Franklin, Benjamin, ,Weld, H. Hastings (Horatio Hastings),
Benjamin [1705 - 1790]. Commager, Henry Steele [1902 - 1998] - Contributor. Franklin
Franklin, Benjamin; Henry Steele Commager
Franklin, Benjamin Edited by John Bigelow
Franklin, Benjamin [1705 - 1790]. Commager, Henry Steele [1902 - 1998] - Contributor.
Franklin, Benjamin, Selected & Edited With An Introduction By L. Jesse Lemisch
Franklin, Benjamin; Woolman, John; Penn, William
By (author) Jr. Dr. John Bigelow, By (author) Benjamin Franklin
Franklin, Benjamin, -,Weld, H. Hastings (Horatio Hastings), -,Chapman, J. G. (John Gadsby), -,Benjamin Franklin Collection (Library of Congress) DLC
Franklin, Benjamin, and Costello, Walter (Read by)
Franklin, Benjamin; Abernathy, Juliam Willis
Franklin, Benjamin; Bigelow (editor), John
Green, Samuel A. (Samuel Abbott), -,Franklin, Benjamin, -. Autobiography,Stevens, Henry, -, former owner. DLC,Benjamin Franklin Collection...
Hendrick Willem Van Loon, Frances Winwar, Edith Gittings Reid, Benjamin Franklin
John Woolman, Benjamin Franklin, William Penn
1706-1790, Franklin Benjamin, and Perry, Bliss
B. Franklin
Benjamin [1705 - 1790]. Commager Franklin
Franklin, Benjamin; Nathaniel Edward Griffin (Editor)
Edith Gittings Reid, Frances Winwar, Benjamin Franklin, Hendrick Willem Van Loon
Franklin, Benjamin, ,Franklin Bi-centennial Joint Committee, Boston
Franklin, Benjamin, and Hartmetz, Richard S (Editor)
Franklin, Benjamin, and Lemisch, L Jesse (Editor), and Mulford, Carla (Afterword by)
Franklin, Benjamin, and Mackamy, Kent (Read by)
Franklin, Benjamin, and Marshall, Qarie (Narrator)
Franklin, Benjamin, and Masur, Louis P, and May, Ernest R (Designer)
Franklin, Benjamin, and Pine, Frank Woodworth (Editor)
Franklin, Benjamin, and The Perfect Library (Editor)
Franklin, Benjamin, and Woolman, John, and Eliot, Charles W (Editor)
Franklin, Benjamin, With Introduction And Notes By R. Jackson Wilson
Franklin, Benjamin/Woolman, John/Penn, William
Franklin, Benjamin; Commager, Henry Steele (Introduction By)
Franklin, Benjamin; Sargent, Notes & Memoir by Epes
Woolman, John; Franklin, Benjamin; Penn, William