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Benjamin Franklin
Charles W. Eliot
1706-1790 Franklin
Mark Skousen
Franklin, Benjamin : Van Doren, Carl
Franklin, Benjamin; Morgan, Edmund S.
Benjamin; Woolman; Penn Franklin
Labaree, Leonard W. (Editor)
Louis P. Masur

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Franklin, Benjamin
Horatio Hastings Weld, Benjamin Franklin
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790, Sargent, Epes, 1813-1880
Franklin, Benjamin Commager, Henry Steele [ - ] - Contributor
Franklin, Benjamin; Pine, Frank Woodworth and Smith, E. Boyd
Hendrick Willem Van Loon, Frances Winwar, Edith Gittings Reid, Benjamin Franklin
Franklin, Benjamin; ed. by J.A. Leo Lemay & P.M. Zall
Franklin, Benjamin; Nathaniel Edward Griffin (Editor)
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790, Perry, Bliss, 1860-1954
Franklin, Benjamin, And Haight, Gordon Sherman
Franklin, Benjamin, And Labaree, Leonard Woods
Franklin, Benjamin, and Mackamy, Kent (Read by)
Franklin, Benjamin; Chapman, J. G. (Illus)
Franklin, Benjamin; Henry Steele Commager, introduction; Thomas Hart Benson, illustrator
Franklin, Benjamin; O'Day, Edward F (Introduction and Marginal Glosses).