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Lew Wallace
Lew AGS Secondary & Wallace
Gen. Lew Wallace
Illustrated By Cover Art Wallace Lew
Wallace Lew 1827-1905
WALLACE, General Lew [SHAHN, Ben]
Wallace, General Lew; Freiman, Ray
Lew adapted by Marian Leighton Wallace
Wallace, Lew; Redman, Ben Ray Intro.
Wallace. Lew

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Wallace, Lew, Johnson, William Martin, [From Old Catalog] Illus
Wallace, Lew, Johnson, William Martin, B.
Lew Wallace , with Copyrighted Photograph by Rockwood of Lew Wallace on Title Page, Dramatized William Young, Staged Ben Teal, Vocal &...
Wallace, Lew And Adapted By Willis Lindquist Beck, Charles (Illustrator)
Wallace, Lew, 1827-1905,Johnson, William Martin, b. 1862, ill
Wallace, Lew, Montvila, Jonas, [From Old Catalog] Tr
Wallace, Lew. , Sutton, Felix (Adapted by)
Joseph Vogel [Producer]; Christopher Fry [Writer]; Gore Vidal [Writer]; Karl Tunberg [Writer]; Lew Wallace [Writer]; Maxwell Anderson [Writer];...
Wallace, Lew - Abridged Edition By I O Evans
Wallace, Lew. Introduction by Ben Ray Redman. Joe Mugnaini.
Wallace, Lew & Tunberg, Karl & Walford, Owen
Wallace, Lew (Lewis), Wright, Robin S., editor
Wallace, Lew Lynch, Brendan (Illustrator) Leighton, Marion (Adapter) Vogel, Malvina G. (Editor)
Wallace, Lew, Fed Niblo (director), June Mathis
Wallace, Lew; Willis Lindquist (Editor, Abridged By)