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Lew Wallace
Wallace, Lew, 1827-1905
Wallace. Lew
TUNBERG Karl & Lew Wallace
Tunberg, Karl (Screenplay By)
Wallace Lew 1827-1905
WALLACE, General Lew [SHAHN, Ben]
Wallace, General Lew; Freiman, Ray
Lew adapted by Marian Leighton Wallace
Wallace, Lew. (Lewis), 1827-1905
Wallace, Lew. Mabel Bessey, editor.
Wallace, Lew; J. Kranz (Translation)
Wallace, Lew; Kennett, John
Wallace: Lew

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Wallace, Lew
Wallace, Lew, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corporation
Wallace, Lew, 1827-1905,Johnson, William Martin, b. 1862
Lew Wallace , with Copyrighted Photograph by Rockwood of Lew Wallace on Title Page, Dramatized William Young, Staged Ben Teal, Vocal &...
Wallace, Lew. , Sutton, Felix (Adapted by)
Wallace, Lew; Willis Lindquist (Editor, Abridged By)
Joseph Vogel [Producer]; Christopher Fry [Writer]; Gore Vidal [Writer]; Karl Tunberg [Writer]; Lew Wallace [Writer]; Maxwell Anderson [Writer];...
Wallace, Lew - Abridged Edition By I O Evans
Wallace, Lew (Lewis), Wright, Robin S., editor
Wallace, Lew And Adapted By Willis Lindquist Beck, Charles (Illustrator)
Wallace, Lew Lynch, Brendan (Illustrator) Leighton, Marion (Adapter) Vogel, Malvina G. (Editor)
Wallace, Lew, Fed Niblo (director), June Mathis
Wallace, Lewis, and Harding, Jeff (Read by)
Wallace, Lewis, and McLaren, Todd (Read by)