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Charles Baudelaire
Charles-Pierre Baudelaire
Joseph M. Bernstein
F. P. Sturm Charles Baudelaire

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Charles Baudelaire
(Baudelaire, Charles) Lappin, Kendall, translator
Baudelaire, Charles; Goudge, John (translator)
Charles Baudelaire, Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine
Baudelaire, Charles; Wagner, Geoffrey (trans)
Baudelaire, Charles; Wagner, Geoffrey (Translations); Starkie, Enid (Introductio
Charles Baudelaire; F. P. Sturm (translator)
Charles P. (Author) on Sep-20-2010 Paperback The Flowers of Evil & Paris Spleen: Selected Poems (Green) THE FLOWERS OF EVIL & PARIS SPLEEN:...
Joanna Richardson Charles Pierre Baudelaire