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John Bartlett
Geoffrey, Bartlett, John O'Brien
John G. Bartlett
Bartlett, John & Kaplan, Justin
John (comp) Bartlett
John. Edited By Justin Kaplan Bartlett
John ; Morley Bartlett

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John Bartlett
Bartlett, John with Justin Kaplan, General editor
Bartlett, John; Morley, Christopher; and Everett, Louella D
Bartlett, John; Morley, Christopher (Editor); Everett, Louella D. (Associate Editor); Sproul, Kathleen (Permabook Edition...
Bartlett, John // Sproul, Kathleen (Editor)
John; Morley, Christopher; and Everett, Louella D. Bartlett
Bartlett, John (Compiled by), and Beck, Emily Morison
Bartlett, John, Blank Endpapers Former Owner Name FoXing, B/W Frontispiece Detached at Bottom at Spine, with Preface, Index of Authors,...
Bartlett, John; Morley, Christopher; Everett, Louella