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Francis Bacon
Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626, Whately, Richard, 1787-1863
Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626
Bacon, Francis. Whately,Richard
F.G. Bacon Francis; Selby
BACON, Francis / WRIGHT, W.Aldis (ed)
W. Aldis Wright
Rev. Henry Evans Bacon Sir Francis
F. Bacon
Francis Lord Bacon
Locke, John & Bacon, Lord Francis
A S West
R Whately
Alfred S West
Francis Richard Whately Bacon
Bacon, Francis, Willymott, William
Francis. Richard Whately Bacon
Bacon, Francis; Wright, Aldis W.
Oliphant Bacon Francis; Smeaton
W. Aldis. (Francis Bacon) WRIGHT
Bacon / Blakeney, E H [Ed]
Bacon, F.; Humphries, S.
Francis And John Locke Bacon
Bacon, Francis, Lord Verulam
Bacon, Francis, Sir
Bacon, Francis; Humphries, Sydney
Bacon, Francis; Smeaton, Oliphant
Bacon, Lord (Francis)
Sir Francis 1561-1626 Bacon
F. Bacon
Francis Bacon and W Aldis Wright
Christopher J. Dixon Francis Bacon
Max Patrick Bacon Francis
Lord Bacon
Lord Bacon Francis
Francis Bacon Lord Verulam

See also:

Bacon, Francis Sir; Anderson, Melville B.
Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626, West, Alfred S. (Alfred Slater), 1846-1932
Francis Bacon, James Robert Boyd, Richard Whately
Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626,Humphries, Sydney, 1862-1941,Bagnani, Gilbert, 1900-1985 (association)
Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626,Abbott, Edwin Abbott, 1838-1926
Bacon, Francis; Annotations by Richard Whately, D. D.
Bacon, Francis; Richard Whately (Annotations)
Alexander Spiers, Francis Bacon, Basil Montagu
Bacon, Francis (1561-1626), & Richard Whately
Bacon, Francis, and Wright, William Aldis
Bacon, Francis. Whately, Richard Ed. And Intro
Bacon, Francis; Devey, Joseph (introductory and Dissertation notes)
Bacon, Francis; Spiers, A.; Montagu, Basil
Classics, Francis Bacon Library Of English
Bacon, Francis; edited by the Rev. Dr. Evans
Bacon, Francis]; William Willymott (trans)
Bacon Francis; Richard Whately Annotations ,Franklin Fiske Heard
Bacon Francis Spiers A. (Alexander) Montagu Basil
Bacon Francis; Humphries Sydney; Bagnani Gilbert (association)
BACON, Francis. Wright, W. Aldis (introduces and annotates).
Bacon, Francis......Milton, John and Browne, Thomas
Bacon, Francis; Milton, John; Browne, Sir Thomas
Bacon, Francis; Milton, John; Browne, Thomas
Bacon, Francis; Walter Worrall, Ed; Oliphant Smeaton, Intro
Bacon, Francis; Worrall, Walter, (Edited By); Smeaton, Oliphant (Introduction By)
Bacon, Sir Francis; Morley, Christopher, Introduction By
[Banyan Press]. Bacon, Francis. (Fredericks, Claude).
Charles W. (Editor). Bacon, Francis & Milton, John & Browne, Thomas Eliot
Edward Fitzgerald, William Blake, Edward Lear And Sir Francis Bacon
Sir Francis (With An Introduction By Morley, Christopher) Bacon
Bacon, Sir Francis [1561-1626]. Christopher Morley-Contributor. Bruce Rogers-Designer
Francis Bacon, John Milton, Sir Thomas Browne
Bacon, Francis; Francis Bacon (Author); Philp H. Bailey (Introduction By)
Bacon, Sir Francis; Sidney Humphries, Ed.
Sir Thomas Browne, John Milton, Francis Bacon