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Francis Bacon
W. Aldis Wright
F.G. Bacon Francis; Selby
Bacon, Francis, Whately, Richard
Rev. Henry Evans Bacon Sir Francis
W. Aldis. (Francis Bacon) Wright
A S West
Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626
Alfred S West
1561-1626 Bacon
F. Bacon
BACON, Francis / WRIGHT, W.Aldis (ed)
Francis Lord Bacon
Bacon, Francis; Whately, Richard
Bacon, Francis; Wright, Aldis W.
Edward. Francis Bacon. Arber
Bacon, Francis (A.S. Gaye)
Francis And John Locke Bacon
Bacon, Francis, Lord Verulam
Bacon, Francis, Sir
Francis. Richard Whately Bacon
Bacon, Francis; Smeaton, Oliphant
Bacon, Lord (Francis)
Bacon, Lord Frances (Francis)
BACON. Francis
F. Bacon
Francis Bacon and W Aldis Wright
Christopher J. Dixon Francis Bacon
W H D Rouse Francis Bacon
Max Patrick Bacon Francis
Oliphant Bacon Francis; Smeaton
FU LAN XI SI PEI GEN (Francis Bacon)
John Locke and Francis Bacon
Locke, John & Bacon, Lord Francis
Lord Bacon
Sydney Humphries
Francis Bacon Lord Verulam

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Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626,Whately, Richard, 1787-1863
Bacon, Francis Sir; Anderson, Melville B.
Alexander Spiers, Basil Montagu, Francis Bacon
Franklin Fiske Heard, Richard Whately, Francis Bacon
Bacon, Francis; Annotations by Richard Whately, D. D.
Bacon, Francis; Richard Whately (Annotations)
Bacon, Francis; edited by the Rev. Dr. Evans
Bacon Francis; Richard Whately Annotations ,Franklin Fiske Heard
Bacon Francis Spiers A. (Alexander) Montagu Basil
Bacon Francis; Humphries Sydney; Bagnani Gilbert (association)
Bacon, Francis & Matheson, PE - Matheson, F E [editors]
Bacon, Francis : Matheson, P. E. And E. F
Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626,Humphries, Sydney, 1862-1941,Bagnani, Gilbert, 1900-1985 (association)
Bacon, Francis; Devey, Joseph (introductory and Dissertation notes)
Bacon, Francis; Walter Worrall, Ed; Oliphant Smeaton, Intro
Bacon, Sir Francis; Morley, Christopher, Introduction By
[Banyan Press]. Bacon, Francis. (Fredericks, Claude).
Charles W. (Editor). Bacon, Francis & Milton, John & Browne, Thomas Eliot
Sir Francis (With An Introduction By Morley, Christopher) Bacon
Classics, Francis Bacon Library Of English
Francis Bacon, James Robert Boyd, Richard Whately
Sir Thomas Browne, John Milton, Francis Bacon