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Ayn Rand
Andrew Bernstein
Robert Mayhew
Edward W. Younkins
Debi Ghate
Trisha Lively
Mimi Reisel Gladstein
Rend A
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A. Bernstein
Hephaestus Books
Chad Brand
Charles River Editors
Timothy Curry
Chris Mortensen
Ronald Cohn Jesse Russell
Frederic P Miller
Charles Heard
LLC Books,Books Group,Source Wikipedia
Ayn Randy
Patrick Sing
Elizabeth Smith
Ayan Rand
Bernstein Andrew
Erika Holzer
Ronald Cohn Jesse Russel

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Books, LLC (Creator), and Group, Books (Editor)
Miller, Frederic P (Editor), and Vandome, Agnes F (Editor), and McBrewster, John (Editor)
Rand, Ayn & Peikoff, Leonard -new Preface