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George MacDonald
MacDonald, George; Phillips, Michael R.
Elizabeth Lewis
George (1824-1905) MacDonald
George; Jessie Willcox Smith Macdonald
George; E. H. Shepard Macdonald
George; Janet Lewis Interest Macdonald

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MacDonald, George
MACLEOD, Norman. (Editor). George MacDonald, et al
MacDonald, George, with Color Frontispiece of Some of Rabbits Came Out of Their Holes Woman Holding Child with Moonlight Outside & 2 Rabbits, & 3...
Noel Streatfeild; Jean Ingelow; G E Farrow; George Macdonald
MacDonald, George (edited By Elizabeth Lewis)
MacDonald, George; Arthur Hughes & Laurence Houseman (ill)
Macdonald, George; George and Doris Hauman (illus)