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Jules Verne
Verne, Jules, 1828-1905
Verne, Jules; Palmer, H. E.
Adolphe D Ennery Jules Verne
Loeic Dauvillier Jules Verne
VERNE Jules with S J Perelman
Jonathan Swift
VERNE, JULES (book by)
Verne, Jules ; Dooley, Jenny, (adapt.)
Verne, Jules and Ley, Willy (Intro.
Verne, Jules and Walter, Frederick Paul
VERNE, Jules AUSTIN, Henry
Verne, Jules, And Boucher, Anthony
Jules; Geo M Towle (trans Verne
Verne, Jules; George M. Towle (transl.)
Verne, Jules; Leighton, Marian
Verne, Jules; Marcel, Nik
Verne, Jules; Towle, Geo M (trans

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Verne, Jules Illustrator: Illustrated by Don Irwin
by Jules Verne, Especially Edited by Charles Spain Verral, with colourful illustrations by Tom Gill, Title pg Lite Foxing, Verne born in Nantes,...
Verne, Jules & Grace Moderow (adaptated by)
Verne, Jules [translated by John Webber]
Verne, Jules, with an afterword by Jack Sullivan
Verne, Jules (Dessins par MM. de Neuville et L. Benett)
Verne, Jules; translated by Geo. M. Towle
Verne, Jules and Glencross, Michael (Trans.
Verne, Jules and Towle, George Makepeace (Trans.
Verne, Jules, Bradbury, Ray. Wilson, Edward A., illustrator
Verne, Jules, Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan, Twain, Mark
Verne, Jules; Lobo, Maria Jose; Subira, Pepita
Verne, Jules; Wilson, Edward A (illus); Bradbury, Ray (intro); Stackpole, Juile (binding)