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Jules Verne
Verne, Jules, 1828-1905
Verne, Jules; Vogel, Malvina G.
Jules; Dooley, Jenny (adapt.) Verne
Rh Value Publishing
VERNE Jules with S J Perelman
Jules Gabriel Verne
Verne, Jules;Sullivan, Jack
Saddleback Educational Publishing
Jonathan Swift
Verne, Jules ; Dooley, Jenny, (adapt.)
Verne, Jules; Dale, Jim

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Verne, Jules; Putnam, Frances H. (Introduction)
by Jules Verne, Especially Edited by Charles Spain Verral, with colourful illustrations by Tom Gill, Title pg Lite Foxing, Verne born in Nantes,...
Verne, Jules & Edited By Verral, Charles, Illustrated By Gill, Tom
Jules; Putnam, Frances H. (introduction) Verne
Jules Verne, Gita Nath (Authors) & Tanoy Choudhury (Illus.)
Verne, Jules; Pablo Marcos Studio [Illustrator]
Stevenson, Robert Louis & Jules Verne, Jonathan Swift, Jack London
Verne, Jules; Ingpen, Robert (Illustrator); Ueberle-Pfaff, Maja (Übersetzung)
Verne, Jules; Parminter, Sue (Herausgeber); Bowler, Bill (Herausgeber); Draisey, Mark (Illustrator)
Verne, Jules; Todd, Mike; Art Cohn, Editor