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Aristotle, Demetrius, Longinus
translated by S.H. Butcher Aristotle
Jowett, Benjamin (Trans. )
Aristotle and Demetrius,
Aristotle & Richard McKeon
Elder Ed. With Intro Aristotle; Olson
Jowett, Benjamin & Twining, Thomas
Kenneth McLeish
Benjamin(Trans. ) Jowett
Louise R. Aristotle; Edited By Loomis
Aristoteles / Aristotle
Aristotle Longinus Demetrius
aristotle, plato ( alcibiades)
F. L. Aristotle] Lucas
Butcher, S. H. & Lang, A.
Gerald F. - Aristotle Else
Francis Fergusson
House, Humphry (Aristotle)
Jowett, Benjamin-Etal (Aristotle)
Kenneth Telford
Kenneth Telford (Translator)
Moxon, T. A. [ed.] Aristotle
Telford Kenneth A

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Aristotle; Demetrius Phalereus; Moxon, Rev. T. A. (ed.)
Aristotle; Demetrius; Rev. T.A. Moxon (ed)
Aristotle; Loomis, Louise Ropes (Editor, Introduction)
Aristotle (Author); Benjamin Jowett, Thomas Twining (Translators); Lincoln Diamant (Introduction)
W. Hamilton, Translator, (And Aristotle And Longinus), And W. Rhys Roberts,
ARISTOTLE., ( From The Greek Of Julius Pollux).
Aristotle. Horace. Hobbes. T. Allen Moxon. Demetrius of Phaleron. Longinus
Aristotle. Thomas Hobbes. Theodore Buckley
Aristotle; Janko, Richard ( Translator, Essay )-Facing Translation, Interpretive Essays, Reconstruction And Commentary
Aristotle; Translated By Benjamin Jowett And S. H. Butcher
Fyfe, W. Hamilton, Translator, (And Aristotle And Longinus), And W. Rhys Roberts, Translator, (And Demetrius)
Aristotle'(Author) ; Else, Gerald F.(Translator)
Sophocles; Yeats, W. B. [Translator]; Balachandra Rajan [Editor]; Aristotle [Contributor]; Grube, G. M. A. [Translator]