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Aristotle Aristotle
S H 1850 Butcher
S. H. Butcher
Translated By S.H. Butcher Aristotle
Gerald F. - Aristotle Else
Jowett, Benjamin (Trans. )
Aristotle and Demetrius,
Aristotle. Translated By W.D. Ross
Kenneth McLeish
S. A. Aristotle; Butcher
Aristotle & Richard McKeon
Aristotle / Olson
Aristotle And Ostwald, Martin (Trans. )
F. L. Aristotle] Lucas
Jowett, Benjamin & Twining, Thomas
Theodore Buckley (Aristotle)
Aristotle, B.C. - . Longinus, 1st cent
Demetrius Aristotle
aristotle, plato ( alcibiades)
Stephen Halliwell Aristotle
W. D. Ross Aristotle
Aristotle,;Moxon, T. A. [ed.]
Aristotle; Edited by Rev. T. A. Moxon
Aristotle; Editor-Louise Ropes Loomis
Aristotle; Thomas Taylor Translation
Benjamin(Trans. ) Jowett
House, Humphry (Aristotle)
Plato; Aristotle

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ARISTOTLE., ( From The Greek Of Julius Pollux).
Aristotle; Demetrius; Editor: Rev. T. A. Moxon
Aristotle. Kallen, Horace Meyer (1882-1974)
Aristotle; Demetrius Phalereus; Moxon, Rev. T. A. (ed.)
Aristotle, Demetrius Phalereus, Horace. Ernest Rhys, ed. Rev. T.A. Moxon, ed.
Aristotle, Demetrius,etc. Edited by Rev. T.A. MOxon
Aristotle., Loomis, L. Ropes (Edited With Intro By)., Macmahon, J. H. (Translated By)., Ogle, W. (Translated By0., Welldon, J...
Aristotle/Louise Ropes Loomis (Ed And Introduction)
Aristotle; Translated By Benjamin Jowett And S. H. Butcher
Baxter, John, Atherton, Patrick, Whalley, George Aristotle
Aristotle, Demetrius and others: Ed. T A Moxon
Fyfe, W. Hamilton, Translator, (And Aristotle And Longinus), And W. Rhys Roberts, Translator, (And Demetrius)
Teichmüller, Gustav (November 19, 1832 - May 22, 1888) was a German philosopher. [Aristotle, Greek philosopher and scientist born in the...
Aristotle, Translated By W. Rhys Roberts And Ingram Bywater