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Philip Wheelwright
And F. H. Peters Aristotle
W.D. Ross
Justin D. Kaplan
And Wheelwright Aristotle
John Gillies
Aristotle (Ross Ed)
Aristotle and Demetrius,
W.D. ( Edited By ) Ross

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Aristotle, And Wheelwright, Philip Ellis
Aristotle,Hobbes, Thomas, ,Buckley, Theodore Alois, ,Aristotle
Aristotle,Hobbes, Thomas, 1588-1679,Buckley, Theodore Alois, 1825-1856,Aristotle
Aristotle; Demetrius Phalereus; Moxon, Rev. T. A. (ed.)
Aristotle & Philip Wheelwright (translator)
Aristotle (Translated By Philip Wheelwright)
Aristotle, Demetrius Phalereus, Horace. Ernest Rhys, ed. Rev. T.A. Moxon, ed.
Aristotle. Thomas Hobbes. Theodore Buckley.