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Aristotle, Demetrius, Longinus
Aristotle And Demetrius
384 BC Aristotle
translated by S.H. Butcher Aristotle
Aristotle; D. W. Lucas
Jowett, Benjamin (Trans. )
Justin D. Kaplan
Aristotle, Demetrius, Horace
Edited By Justin D. Kaplan Aristotle
Jowett, Benjamin & Twining, Thomas
Kenneth McLeish
Plato; Aristotle
F L AristotleLucas
Aristotle & L. J. Potts
Aristotle, and Kaplan, Justin
Aristotle, B.C. - . Longinus, 1st cent
Demetrius Aristotle
Aristotle; Kaplan, Justin D. (editor)
Elder Ed. With Intro Aristotle; Olson
Benjamin(Trans. ) Jowett

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Butcher, S. H. (Samuel Henry), 1850-1910
Aristotle. , Loomis, L. Ropes (edited with Intro by). , MacMahon, J. H. (translated by). , ogle, W. (translated by0., Welldon, J. E. C. ,...
Aristotle,Hobbes, Thomas, 1588-1679,Buckley, Theodore Alois, 1825-1856,Aristotle
Aristotle. Kallen, Horace Meyer (1882-1974)
Aristotle, translated by W. Rhys Roberts and Ingram Bywater
Aristotle; edited with Intro by Louise Ropes Loomis
Aristotle; with Cooper, Lane; and Gudeman, Alfred
Aristotle; Demetrius Phalereus; Moxon, Rev. T. A. (ed.)
Aristotle / Richard Janko (Translation & Notes)
Aristotle Aristotle, Henry James Pye, John Adams Library (Boston Public Librar (Creator)
Aristotle. Horace. Hobbes. T. Allen Moxon. Demetrius of Phaleron. Longinus
Fyfe, W. Hamilton, Translator, (and Aristotle; Longinus),; W. Rhys Roberts, Translator, (and Demetrius)
Janko, Richard, Aristotle. Poetics
Jowett, Benjamin And Twining, Thomas, Translators
Louise Ropes (1874-?) Ed Aristotle - Related Name: Loomis
Aristotle; Loomis, Louise Ropes (editor)
Teichmüller, Gustav (November 19, 1832 - May 22, 1888) was a German philosopher. [Aristotle, Greek philosopher and scientist born in the...