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Mortimer Collins
John Hookham Frere
Merry, W W [Ed]; Aristophanes
Aristophanes (B. B. Rogers, Translator)
Stephen G. Daitz
Aristophanes and Aquinas
Aquinas Aristophanes
Aristophanes (Ed. Moses Hadas)
Aristophanes / William James Hickie
Aristophanes Benjamin Hall Kennedy
C. C. Felton
Aristophanes Plato
Aristophanes/ Alan H. Sommerstein
Aristophanes; Benjamin Bickley Rogers
Collins, Mortimer, Aristophanes. Birds
Henry Parker; Aristophanes Cookesley
Felton, C. C., Ll.D.
Rogers, B. B. (Trans. )

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Dudley; The Aristophanes Fitts
Corrigan, Robert W. (Translator); Aristophanes; Menander
Aristophanes. Benjamin Bickley Rogers (translator)
Aristophanes; The Clouds Translated By Arrowsmith, William; The Wasps Translated By Parker, Douglass
Aristophanes, Greek Theatre (Berkeley, Calif. ), Flagg, Isaac,
Aristophanes (Benjamin Bickley Rogers, tr.)
Aristophanes (Adapted By T. Apostolidis)
Aristophanes (Rogers, Benjamin Bickley, ed. & trans.)
aristophanes tr by william arrowsmith, richmond lattimore, douglass parker
Aristophanes. Rogers, Benjamin Bickley, Ed.
Collins, Mortimer, 1827-1876, Aristophanes. Birds
Frere, John Hookham; Aristophanes; Henry Morley (introduction)
Aristophanes, notes and Extracts By William James Hickie
Aristophanes) Arrowsmith, William (editor)