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C.G. Jung
Carl and C. G. Jung Gustav Jung
Jung, C G: Translated By Hull, R F C
C. G. Translated By R. F. C. Hull Jung
Jung, C. G.; Hull, R. F. C. (transl.)
Jung, C. G. (Carl Gustav)
Jung, C.G. (trans. R.F.C. Hull)
Jung, C.G. ( R.F.C. Hull)

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C. G. Jung
Jung, C. G. ( Translated By R. F. C. Hull. Edited By Sir Herbert Read, Michael Fordham, And Gerhard Adler ).
C. G. Jung, Herbert Read (Editor), Michael Fordham (Editor)
[C.G. Jung] Read, Herbert, Michael Fordham, Gerhard Adler and William McGuire (eds.)