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Colin Renfrew
Iain Morley
Hodder, Ian, Orton, Clive
I.M. Stead
Colin, Bahn, Paul G. Renfrew
Kenneth Hudson
Keith Muckelroy
Renfrew, Colin; Wagstaff [eds.]
R A Gould
Gould; Gould, R. a. and Renfrew, Colin
Tim Murray
Jean Wilson
C Renfrew
Renfrew, Colin (Intro)
Renfrew, Colin / Bahn, Paul

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Renfrew, Colin
Cunliffe, Barry; Davies, Wendy; Renfrew, A. Colin
Moore, Jerry D.; Renfrew, Colin And Ashmore, Wendy
Renfrew, Colin And Stephen Shennan (Eds).
Bahn, Paul (Editor), and Renfrew, Sir Colin (Foreword by), and Renfrew, Lord (Foreword by)
Montmollin, Olivier de; Renfrew, Colin and Gamble, Clive
Muckelroy, K.; Muckelroy, Keith And Renfrew, Colin
Wolfgang P. Schmidt, Colin Renfrew, Edgar C. Polomà , A. Richard Diebold, Wilfred P. Lehman, Eric P. Hamp, János Makkay, Ralph M. Rowlett, Susan...
Renfrew, Colin & Paul Bahn photos & drawings
Cribb, Roger; Roger, Cribb and Renfrew, Colin
Series edited by Colin Renfrew, Series edited by Wendy Ashmore, Series edited by Clive Gamble, Series edited by John O'Shea By (author) Michael Shanks
Wason, Paul K.; Renfrew, Colin and Gamble, Clive
Yentsch, Anne Elizabeth; Renfrew, Colin and Gamble, Clive