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Colin Renfrew
Iain Morley
Hodder, Ian; Orton, Clive
Keith Muckelroy
Kenneth Hudson
Jerry D. Moore
Renfrew, Colin And Wagstaff, J. Malcolm
Colin, Bahn, Paul Renfrew
Colin, Bahn, Paul G. Renfrew
Gould; Gould, R. a. and Renfrew, Colin
WILSON, Jean, foreword by Colin Renfrew
Tim Murray
Renfrew, Colin (Intro)
Renfrew, Colin / Bahn, Paul
Colin; Wagstaff [eds.] Renfrew
Evans, J. D.; Renfrew, C.
R. A. Gould
I.M. Stead, Colin Renfrew (Foreword)
JAMES, Peter; RENFREW, Colin (foreword)
Paul, Renfrew, Colin Bahn
Colin & Paul Bahn Renfrew

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Renfrew, Colin
Cunliffe, Barry; Davies, Wendy; Renfrew, A. Colin
Wolfgang P. Schmidt; Colin Renfrew; Edgar C. Polomé; A. Richard Diebold; Wilfred P. Lehman; Eric P. Hamp; János Makkay; Ralph M. Rowlett
Bahn, Paul (Editor), and Renfrew, Sir Colin (Foreword by), and Renfrew, Lord (Foreword by)
Montmollin, Olivier de; Renfrew, Colin and Gamble, Clive
Cribb, Roger; Roger, Cribb and Renfrew, Colin
Forte, Maurizio; Alberto Siliotti (Editors); Colin Renfrew (Foreword)
Renfrew, Colin (foreword) With over illustrations, in colour, and full c
Wason, Paul K.; Renfrew, Colin and Gamble, Clive
Yentsch, Anne Elizabeth; Renfrew, Colin and Gamble, Clive