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Lewis Carroll
Lewis Gardner Martin; Carroll
CARROLL, Lewis..(by GARDNER,Martin)
Gardner, Martin, Ed
Gardner, Martin and Carroll, Lewis
Gardner, Martin; Carroll, Lewis
Martin; Carroll Gardner
Carrol, Lewis with Gardner, Martin
Lewis with Martin Gardner Carroll
Lewis/ Tenniel Illustr Carroll
Carroll, Lewis; Gardner, Introd
Carroll. Lewis

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Martin Gardner, Lewis Carroll
Carroll, Lewis; Lewis Carroll (Author); Martin Gardner (Introduction and Notes by); John Tenniel (The Complete Text and Original Illustrations)
Carroll, Lewis, edited by Martin Gardner
Gardner, Martin, Introduction And Notes By
Carroll, Lewis, Introduction And Notes By Martin Gardner
Carroll, Lewis; Gardner, Martin--introduction and notes
Gardner, Martin, intro notes; Lewis Carroll
CARROLL, LEWIS with illustrations by TENNIEL, JOHN and an introduction and notes by GARDNER, MARTIN
CARROLL, Lewis (text)/ NEWELL, Peter (illustrations)/ GARDNER, Martin (notes)
Carroll, Lewis Edited By Gardner, Martin
Carroll, Lewis, Charles Luthwidge Dodgson]
Lewis; Tenniel, John (Illus. ); Gardner, Martin (Intro. And Notes) Carroll
Carroll, Lewis; John Tenniel [Illustrator]
Gardner , Martin (introduction and notes ) .: