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Anne Frank
Anne Intro by Eleanor Roosevelt Frank
Phyllis A. Green
Anne DrgFrank
Cengage Gale
Frank, Anne; M. H. Lewittes, Editor
Anne Frank; Editor-M. H. Lewittes
Anne(Author) Frank
Frank, Anne and Mooyaart, B. M. (Trans.

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Anne Frank
Frank, Anne (B.M. Mooyaart Doubleday Trans. ) (Eleanor Roosevelt Introduction). Stevens, George Preface
Frank, Anne, Introduction By Eleanor Roosevelt
Frank. Anne
Anne Frank (Author) Selma Blair (Reader)
Frank, Anne / Mooyaart-Doubleday, B. M. (Translated By)
Anne Frank; Francis Goodrich; Albert Hackett
Carl Sandburg, Anne Frank, Hermann Hagedorn, Frederick Lewis Allen
Frank, Anne and Doubleday, B. M. Mooyaart (translator)