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George Orwell
G Orwell
Peter Hall Lynes
Orwell, George - Neis, Edgar
Carey, Gary, Editor
Howard Fink
George / Peter Orwell & Hall (adpt.)
George ( AKA: Eric Arthur Blair Orwell
George and Nelson Bond Orwell
Orwell, George;Ball, David
YING ] AO WEI ER ( George Orwell )

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Orwell, George
Orwell, George & Joy Batchelor & John Halas & Malcolm Muggeridge
ORWELL, George (Translated By Taboureux Bruwer)
Orwell, George. John Chernyatynskyy, translator
Orwell, George; Muggeridge, Malcom (intro.)
Orwell, George; Novitas Zeitungs- und Zeitschriften-Verlagsges. m. b. H (Hrsg.)
Poppe, Reiner, George Orwell und Aldous Huxley
YING ) QIAO ZHI AO WEI ER ( George Orwell )