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George Orwell
Lona MacGregor
Peter Hall Lynes
Orwell, George - Neis, Edgar
George and Ann Patchett Orwell
David und George Orwell Ball
Carey, Gary, Editor
Howard Fink
Isadore Lewis Baker George Orwell
Trevor Millum George Orwell
George Orwell I.L. Baker
Joseph Scalia
George / Peter Orwell & Hall (adpt.)
George and Nelson Bond Orwell
Orwell, George;Ball, David
Qiao Zhi·Ao Wei 'Er
Robert Welch
S. Foster

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Orwell, George
George Orwell (Editor), Harold Bloom (Editor)
Orwell, George. John Chernyatynskyy, translator
ORWELL, George (Translated By Taboureux Bruwer)
Orwell, George; Novitas Zeitungs- und Zeitschriften-Verlagsges. m. b. H (Hrsg.)
Orwell, George, Wangerin, Walter, Smith,
Orwell, George; McGregor, Lona; Buzan, Tony
Orwell, George; Muggeridge, Malcom (intro.)
Poppe, Reiner, George Orwell und Aldous Huxley