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Hans Christian Andersen
Martin Waddell BN
H. C Andersen
Andersen, Hans [Christian]
Märchen - Andersen, Hans (Christian)
Hans Christian Fritz Kredel Andersen
Hans Christian Helen Stratton ANDERSEN
Andersen, Hans Christian; Weigle, Oscar
Arthur Szyk
Jiri Trnka
Hans Christian Andersen Martin Waddell
Mrs H.B. Paull
Trnka, Jiri; Andersen, Hans Christian
Tudor, Tasha; Andersen, Hans Christian

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Hans Christian & Brothers Grimm Andersen
Andersen, Hans Christian & the Brothers Grimm
Andersen, hans christian with illustrations by hol
Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian), 1805-1875,Lansing, Jenny H. Stickney, 1840- ed,Pedersen, Vilhelm, 1820-1859, illus
ANDERSEN, Hans Christian / ROBINSON, Heath
Andersen, Hans Christian And Adapted By Morel, Eve
Andersen, Hans Christian, retold by Vera Gissing
Andersen, Hans Christian, Translated By Mrs E V Lucas and Mrs H B Paull / The Brothers Grimm
Andersen, Hans Christian (Oscar Weigle, Ed.)
Hans Christian Andersen, Michael Adams (Illustrator)
Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian), 1805-1875, Robinson, W. Heath (William Heath), 1872-1944, Ill
Andersen, Hans Christian and Sherman, J. F. illustr.
Andersen, Hans Christian and translated from the Danish by Hersholt, Jean , Illustrated by: Kredel, Fritz
ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN, translated by KINGSLAND, L. W. and illustrated by SH
Andersen, Hans Christian; Dobbs, Rose; Brooke, L. Leslie; Hjortlund, Gustav [Illustrator]
ANDERSEN, Hans Christian; SIEWERS, Carl (trans.)
Andersen, Hans Christian; Woodburn, William
Andersen, Hans; Shepard, Ernest H. Illustrator
Morel, Eve: Adaption By, Illustrated By Simonne Baudoin
From Story By Hans Christian Andersen, RETOLD By Mary Patric, Pictured By Carol Yeakey Beautifully Coloured B/W Illustrated, Color Frontispiece +...
Andersen, Hans Christian (Retold By Rose Dobbs)
Andersen, Hans Christian (Translated by Mrs. E. V. Lucas & Mrs.H. B. Paull)
Andersen, Hans Christian / Trans. by Mrs. H. B. Paull
Andersen, Hans Christian [translated By Jean Hersholt]
Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm
Hans Christian Andersen; Fritz Kredel; Jacob Grimm; Wilhelm Grimm
Andersen, Hans Christian Illustrator: Illustrated by W. Heath Robinson
Andersen, Hans Christian und James Caraway (Ill.)
Andersen, Hans Christian. Illust. by Fritz Kredel
Andersen, Hans Christian: Translated By Dr. H. W. Dulcken
Andersen, Hans Christian; James Caraway [Illustrator]
Andersen, Hans Christian; Pictures by James Caraway.
Johanna Spyri, Anna Sewell, Hans Christian Andersen By Mark Twain, Johanna Spyri, Anna Sewell, Hans Christian Andersen Mark Twain
Tudor, Tasha (illustrator). Andersen, Hans Christian