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Thomas Clark
Xenophon Carleton L Brownson
Xenophon Zweites Bndchen
Nall, G H [Ed]; Xenophon
William Watson Goodwin
Xenophon John T. White
Charles Anthon
G H Nall
Xenophon Edited by C. S. Jerram
Jerram, C S [Ed]; Xenophon
Macmichael, J.F., Editor (And Xenophon)
John Marshall
John Fisher Macmichael Xenophon
Xenophon; J. S. Watson (Trans)
Xenophon Alpheus Crosby
John J. Owen
William Rainey; James Wallace Harper
Kelsey, Francis W.; Zenos, Andrew C.
Xenophon. Brownson, Carleton L., Tr
William Coe Collar
James Boise
William Ainsworth Xenophon
H. G. Dakyns
J Antrich Stephen Usher
edited by G H Nall Xenophon
Maurice Whittemore Mather Xenophon
Xenophon; James R. Boise
A. S. Walpole
Alfred Pretor
Anthon, Charles Ll. D.,
Thomas Improver Clark
Collar, William C. & Daniell, M. Grant
J. S. (translator) Xenophon; Watson
Francis W. And Andrew C. Zenos Kelsey
Francis W.; ... Kelsey
Maurice Mather
Mather, Maurice W.; Hewitt, Jospeh W.
N. S, Rev, Trans. Xenophon. Smith
William Rainey Harper & James Wallace
Xenophon (Brownson Transl. )
Xenophon (Hg. v. Ernst Krämer)
Xenophon Ed. Charles Anthon
Xenophon,Cleveland, Charles Dexter,
Xenophon,Macmichael, John Fisher
Xenophon; Dakyns, Henry G.; Tassos, A.
Xenophon; translated by J.S. Watson
Xenophon; Walpole, Arthur Sumner (ed.)

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Xenophon; J. Surtees Phillpotts & C. S. Jerram
Xenophon; Rev. J. S. Watson (Translated By) & W. F. Ainsworth
Xenophon, Edward Spelman & Maurice Ashly Cooper [translator]
Goodwin, William W. And White, John Williams
Xenophon; Mather, Maurice W. And Joseph William Hewitt (Editors)
XENOPHON (With English Translation By Carleton BROWNSON)
Xenophon. Translated By Carleton L. Brownson
Xenophon; Hamilton, Bryce; Clark, Thomas
Xenophon; Maurice E. Mather & Joseph William Hewitt
Xenophon; Watson, Rev. J. S. (Translator); Ainsworth, Esq., W. F. (Geographical Commentary).
Xenophon, with William Rainey Harper and James Wallace [Eds.]
Xenophon; with an English translation by Carleton L. Brownson
Collar, William C., And M. Grant Daniell
Crosby, Alpheus, ,Xenophon. Anabasis
Harper, William Rainey, Ph.D., D.D. And James Wallace, Ph.D.
Xenophon. With English Notes By Alfred Pretor, M.A.
William Coe Collar , Moses Grant Daniell , Xenophon
Xenophon (Author), Carleton L. Brownson (Translator), O. J. Todd (Translator)
Xenophon (translated by Rev. J.S. Watson)
Xenophon / Rev. J. S. Watson (translator)
Xenophon And Dakyns, H. G., (Trans. And Ed. )
Xenophon, English Translation By Brownson, Carleton L. & Todd, O. J.
Xenophon, John Selby Watson, William Ainsworth
Xenophon,Kelsey, Francis W.,Zenos, Andrew C.
Xenophon,Murray, A. T. (Augustus Taber),
Xenophon. Translated By Rev. J.S. Watson