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J. Lewis May
Guy (translator Ovid) LEE
Ovid. (Publius Ovidius Naso) [ BC- AD]
OVID. Translated by Beram Saklatvala
Ovid (Translated By F.A. Wright)
OVID. LEE, Guy, translated by
OVID/SHOWERMAN Grant (transl)
Ovid; Showerman, Grant (transl.)
J. Lewis Trans May
F. Wright
Wright, F. A. (Trans. By)
Gregory Horace (Selector)
Horace (Editor) Gregory
Lee, Guy (Trans)
May, J. Lewis (Translator)
Ovid (trans. Peter GREEN)
Ovid - - P. Ovidius Naso
Ovid / P. Ovidius Naso
Ovid And Grant Showerman
Ovid; Translated By E. Powys Mathers

See also:

Ovid (Showerman, Grant, trans.; Goold, G.P., rev.)
Ovid (Publius Ovidus Naso); J. Lewis May (Trans. ); Jean De Bosschere (Illus. )
Grant Showerman, 43 B C -17 or 18 a D Ovid
Ovid; Saklatvala, Beram ( translator); Pierce, Charles (illustrator)
Tibullus, and Propertius, Sextus, and Ovid, Sextus
Ovid B.C. or A.D Showerman Grant; Ovid B.C. or A.D
Ovid, B.C.- or A.D. Showerman, Grant, ed
OVID. The Mirror of Venus
Ovid; Grant Showerman (translator); G. P. Goold (reviser)
Edited by E. J. Kenney, Volume editor S.G. Owen By (author) Ovid
Wright, F. A., M.A. Cantab., Translator With An Introduction