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Alan Brinkley
Robert Brinkley
Jackson, Harvey; Rice, Bradley
Bradley Rice Harvey Jackson
Brinkley, Robert; Brinkley, Alan
Williams And Freidel Current
Richard Y Current

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Current, Richard Nelson, Etc., Brinkley,
Current, Richard Nelson, Brinkley, Alan,
Current, Richard N.; Freidel, Frank; Brinkley, Alan
Brinkley, Alan; Namorato, Michael V.; Palmer, Charles Steven
Current, Harold N., T. Harry Williams & Frank Freidel
Freidel, Frank, Williams, T.Harry, Brinkley, Alan, Current, Richard Nelson
Brinkley, Alan, Current, Richard Nelson, Freidel, Frank, Williams, T. Harry
Brinkley, Alan/ Barrosse, Emily (Editor)
Brinkley, Alan/ Current, Richard Nelson/ Freidel, Frank/ Williams, T. Harry
Current, Richard N., Williams, T. Harry; Freidel, Frank
Current, Richard N.; Brinkley, Alan; Williams, T.Harry; Freidel, Frank
Current, Richard Nelson; Williams, T. Harry; Freidel, Frank
Richard N.; Williams, T. Harry; Freidel, Frank Current
Richard Nelson, etc., Brinkley, Alan, Williams, T.H Current