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James Herriot
Richard Martin Stern; James Herriot
Herriot, James; (cover), Don Stivers
Don Stivers James; (cover)Herriot
J. Herriot

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Herriot, James
Herriot, James. , West. Morris. , Kanin, Garson. , Thomas, Gordon. , Witts, Ma
Herriot, James [pseud of James A Wright]
John T. Beaudouin (Editor); James Herriot, Morris West, Garson Kanin, Gordon Thomas, Max Morgan Witts (Authors)
Lois Drinkwater [Editor]; Bill Sellars [Producer]; Alfred Shaughnessy [Writer]; James Herriot [Writer]; Johnny Byrne [Writer]...
Saunderson, Steve & Brian Sellars & Christopher Moss & Christopher Penfold & James Herriot & Sam Sna
Writer-Anthony Steven; Writer-Brian Clark; Writer-Brian Finch; Writer-James Herriot; Writer-Johnny Byrne