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Mark Verheiden
Mark and Mark A Nelson Verheiden
Mark Verheiden etc
Prosser, Jerry; Verheiden, Mark
Jerry Prosser; Mark Verheiden
Verheiden, Mark & Denis Beauvais (art)
Mark; Sam Kieth Verheiden

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Mark Verheiden
Stradley, Randy (Editor); Mark Verheiden; Mark A. Nelson; Paul Guinan; Anina Bennett; John Arcudi; Simon Bisley; Tony Akins
Verheiden, Mark; Nelson, Mark A.; Beauvais, Den; Kieth, Sam
Perry, Steve and Stephani Perry [based on the Twentieth Century Fox motion pcitures, the designs of H. R. Giger, and the graphic novel by Mark...
Verheiden, Mark and Paul Guinan and John Arcudi (stories by) [art by Mark A. Nelson, Paul Guinan, Simon Bisley] [colors by Chris Chalenor,...
Stradley, Randy (ed.) ; Verheiden, Mark ; Guinan, Paul ; Arcudi, John
Verheiden, Mark and Paul Guinan, John Arcudi
Verheiden, Mark; Guinan, Paul; John Arcudi (Stories By) [Art By Mark A. Nel