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Lewis Carroll
Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898,Tenniel, John, Sir, 1820-1914, ill
Lewis & Paglia, Camille (intro) Carroll
Lewis; John Tenniel Carroll
L. Carroll
Carroll, Lewis; Cloke, Rene [illus.]
Carroll, Lewis; Ross, Tony
Moser, Barry] Carroll, Lewis
Lewis; Franklin Hughes Carroll
Lewis; Martin Gardner Carroll
Carroll, Lewis. Tenniel, John
Lewis & Ralph Carroll & Steadman
Lewis and Barry Carroll and Moser
Carroll, Lewis; Franklin Hughes, Ill
ill Lewis Carroll and Ralph Steadman
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson Lewis Carroll
MOSER, Barry) CARROLL, Lewis.

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Carroll, Lewis
Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898, Newell, Peter, 1862-1924
Hugh Haughton, John Tenniel, Lewis Carroll
Lewis, And Tenniel, John, Sir, And Kredel, Fritz Carroll
Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898,Newell, Peter, 1862-1924
Emily Prime Delafield Carroll Lewis 1832-1898
Carroll, Lewis / with the John Tenniel illustrations colored by Fritz Kredel
Carroll, Lewis [Charles Lutwidge Dodgson] Illustrator: John Tenniel , Contains fifty black and white wood engraved illustrations by John Tenniel....
Carroll, Lewis [pseudonym for Charles Lutwidge Dodgson Moser, Barry - Illustrator
Delafield, Emily Prime,Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898
Emily Prime Delafield, Merrymount Press Bkp Cu-Banc, Lewis Carroll
Carroll, Lewis; John T. Winterich (intro.)
Carroll, Lewis (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson), Tenniel, John, Sir, - , illustrator. Glassman, Peter
Carroll, Lewis [Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge]
Carroll, Lewis And Goodacre, Selwyn H. (Edited By) Kincaid, James R. (Preface And Notes By)
Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898,Milner, Florence
Carroll, Lewis, and Goodacre, Selwyn Hugh, and Moser, Barry
Carroll, Lewis, pseud. of Dodgson, Charles L., Illustrator: John Tenniel
Carroll, Lewis. Gutman, Bessie Pease (Illus. )
Carroll, Lewis/ Ellison, Harlan (Narrator)
Carroll, Lewis; Collingwood, S. Dodgson; King, Gerald M. et al
Carroll, Lewis; Lord, John Vernon; Goodacre, Selwyn Hugh
Delafield, Emily Prime,Merrymount Press. (1898) bkp CU-BANC,Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898,Updike, Daniel Berkeley, 1860-1941
Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge (Lewis Carroll), Tenniel, John, illustrator. Kredel, Fritz
DODGSON, Charles Lutwidge.] CARROLL, Lewis.
Emily Prime Delafield, Merrymount Press. bkp CU-BANC, Lewis Carroll
CARROLL, Lewis ... with illustrations by John TENNIEL
Lewis Carroll , Charming Drawings by John Tenniel, coloured frontispiece
Lewis Carroll , John Tenniel Illusts, , Colored by Fritz Kredel, bookplate blank endpapers, coloured frontispiece
Lewis Carroll, B/W Frontispiece By John Tenniel , Graced with the Signature of The Original Alice SIGNED By Alice Hargreaves in Back of Book On...
Lewis Carroll, Blank Endpapers FOXED Former Owner Names Dates Inscriptions, No Internal Illustrations, DJ Illustrated By ??? Not Tenniel
Lewis Carroll, preface introd notes Martin Gardner
THROUGH The LOOKING - GLASS AND WHAT ALICE FOUND TheRE (Special Edition) by lewis carroll, tenniel illus colore dby fritz kredel