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Shari; Aesop Lewis
Graeme Kent; Aesop
Charles Santore
Aesop George Fyler Townsend
Larry Bryant Glisson
Aesop ( Traditional )
Margaret Clark
Christine San Jose
Aesop Vivian French
YI SUO (Aesop)
Aesop, Lewis, Shari
Safaya Salter Aesop
Aesop; Donald McCall
Arthur Rackham, Aesop, V S Vernon Jones
Randolph Caldecott
Thomas James
Aesop Kathleen Bart
Winder, Blanche (Retold by) & Aesop
Edward Aesop. Hodnett
Aesop, Alfred Caldecott (translator)
Aesop, Bewick, Thomas
Aesop, Illustrated by: Seiden, Art
Telemachus Thomas Timayenis Aesop
Aesop,Townsend, George Fyler, 1814-1900
Christos A. AESOP. Zafiropoulos.
Aesop; Aeschylus; Sophocles; Euripides
Aesop; Elizabeth Eyears
Aesop; Louis Rhead
Boris Artzybasheff
Bewick - Aesop
By (author) Aesop
Eric Vincent
FRY, NORA (illus) (AESOP)
Anne Gatti
Dick; Aesop McCann
Phaedrus and Aesop
Thomas Bewick, Aesop, Jane Bewick
Mark Twain
Vivian Aesop and French
Fiona Waters
Hellmuth / Aesop Weissenborn

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Aesop; George Fyler Townsend, translator
Aesop , Decorated Endpapers , Text Based Upon La Fontaine & Croxall, Illustrated Color By Joseph Eugene Dash, Frontispiece, Blank Back Free...
Aesop , decorated endpapers bookplate, Color Frontispiece, with illustrations
Aesop, small former owner names, Frontispiece Copyright Page, with upwards Illustrations by Harrison Wier, John Tenniel, Ernest Grieset & Others
Jacob Grimm,Wilhelm Grimm,Hans Christian Andersen,Joseph Jacob,Aesop
Telemachus Thomas Timayenis, Telemachus Thomas Aesop
Aesop. Barbara sanders, (rewritten especially for children)
Aesop, [adapted by Ceridwen Gruffydd] illustrated by H. Norman Humphreys
Aesop (retold by Blanche Winder) (introduction by Earle Toppings)
Aesop Aesop, Thomas Bewick, Oliver Goldsmith
Aesop's Fables Latin
Aesop, Aesop; Coughlan, Dan; Silverman, Dianne (ilt); Blair, Eric; Abello, Patricia
Aesop, Lear Edward,Farjeon,Eleanor & Others. Percy J.Billinghurst
Aesop, V. S. Vernon Jones, New Translation
Aesop, Valerius Babrius, translated by Denison B. Hull
Aesop,Bewick, Thomas, 1753-1828,Goldsmith, Oliver, 1728-1774,Dodsley, Robert, 1703-1764
Aesop & Leaf, Anne Sellers , Illustrated by: Leaf, Anne Sellers
Aesop; Illus Davie, E. H. Illustrated by E H Davie
Garvie, James, 1862-,Aesop's fables. Dakota,Cox, Jennie W.,Kitts, Eunice
Mills, Alice, Retold & Edited By / Orig By Aesop & Lear, Edward, Etc, Fully Illustrated in Color By Lialia Varetsa & Valentin Varetsa, Cover...
AESOP translated by TOWNSEND, REV. G. F.
AESOP (retold by Tom PAXTON) & RAYEVSKY, Robert (illustrations)
Aesop (Creator), Telemachus Thomas Timayenis (Creator)
Aesop, Translated By Geo. Fyler Townsend; Otto Speckter. Illustrated By Harrison Weir