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Shari; Aesop Lewis
Aesop George Fyler Townsend
Hans Christian Andersen
Ann McGovern
Graeme; Aesop Kent
Larry Bryant Glisson
620BC - 564BC AESOP
J. H Aesop. - Stickney
Aesop; Donald McCall
Aesop Angela McAllister
Arthur Rackham, Aesop, V S Vernon Jones
Alfred Caldecott
Margaret Clark
Jan and Aesop Fields
Christine San Jose
Valerius Aesop : Babrius
Vivian Aesop and French
Edward Aesop. Hodnett
V. S. Vernon Aesop & Jones
Aesop & Steven Zorn & Roger Culbertson
Anne Terry Aesop / White
Aesop, [translated by George Whittaker]
Armand Laurent Paul Aesop
Aesop, Illustrated by: Seiden, Art
Telemachus Thomas Timayenis Aesop
Aesop,Crane, Walter, ,Evans, Edmund,
Aesop,Townsend, George Fyler, 1814-1900
Christos A. AESOP. Zafiropoulos.
E. H. Aesop; Illus Davie
Aesop; J. W. M. (Intro)
Aesop; Louis Rhead
Bewick - Aesop
Eric Vincent
Anne Gatti
Dick; Aesop McCann
Phaedrus and Aesop
Fiona Waters

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Aesop, small former owner names, Frontispiece Copyright Page, with upwards Illustrations by Harrison Wier, John Tenniel, Ernest Grieset & Others
Aesop. Translated By the Rev. Geo. Fyler Townsend
Morpurgo, Michael/ Aesop/ Chichester Clark, Emma (ILT)/ Chichester Clark, Emma
Aesop. Barbara sanders, (rewritten especially for children)
Aesop, [adapted by Ceridwen Gruffydd] illustrated by H. Norman Humphreys
Lawson, Aesop ( - BC). Translated By Munro Leaf. Illustrated with Wood Engravings By Robert
Aesop, Alice Mills, Lialia Varetsa, Valentin Varetsa
Aesop, Valerius Babrius, translated by Denison B. Hull
Aesop,Bewick, Thomas, ,Goldsmith, Oliver, ,Dodsley, Robert,
Aesop,Richardson, Samuel, . Life of Aesop
AESOP. Retold by Blanche Winder. With 48 Colour Plates by Harry Rountree.
Aesop; Isaac Beshevis Singer (intro.), Illustrated by: Murray Tinkelman
Aesop & Leaf, Anne Sellers , Illustrated by: Leaf, Anne Sellers
Sanders, Barbara; Illustrated by Christopher Sanders - Aesop
Caldecott, Randolph, and Caldecott, Alfred, and Cooper, James Davis
Mills, Alice, Retold & Edited By / Orig By Aesop & Lear, Edward, Etc, Fully Illustrated in Color By Lialia Varetsa & Valentin Varetsa, Cover...
AESOP (retold by Tom PAXTON) & RAYEVSKY, Robert (illustrations)
Ronnie Randall-adapted story from Aesop's Fable and illustrated by Louise Gardner
Aesop, Translated By Geo. Fyler Townsend; Otto Speckter. Illustrated By Harrison Weir
With an Introduction by Edward W. Clayton Aesop