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Aeschylus; David Grene and Richard Lattimore (editors)
Aeschylus; Gilbert Murray
trs. A. S. Way Aeschylus
Aeschylus Arthur Sanders Way
Aeschylus (trans R Potter)
David Grene (Ed)
Grene, David & Lattimore, Richmond

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Aeschylus with Herbert Weir Smyth (trans)
David Grene And Richmond Lattimore, Editors
Aeschylus, Way, Arthur Sanders, 1847-1930, Tr
Aeschylus. (Weir Smyth, Herbert, Ph.D./ Translator)
Aeschylus. Philip Vellacott (Translator)
Aeschylus; Translated By Herbert Weir Smyth
Aeschylus) Grene, David & Lattmore, Richmond
Aeschylus, and Grene, David, and Lattimore, Richmond Alexander
Aeschylus, and Lattimore, Richmond Alexander, and Benardete, Seth, and Grene, David
AESCHYLUS. With an English Translation by Herbert Weir Smyth.
Grene, David And Lattimore, Richmond (Editors)
S.G. Benardete & David Grene (Translated By); David Grene & Richard Lattimore (Edited By)