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Charles Dickens
Evelyn Goodman
Andrew Lang
Frederick Roe
Charles (1812-1870) Dickens
Edgar Johnson Charles Dickens
James Gibson Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens; Marion Leighton
Classics Staffes
Charles Dickens C. and Dickens
Charles and Ouida Dickens
Charles Rafaello Busoni Dickens
Charles; A. B. De Mille Dickens
Dickens, Charles; Dumas, Alexandre
Dickens, Charles; Hubert, Henry I
Dickens, Charles; Weigel, James
Charles Englische Literatur - Dickens
Rinehart And Winston Holt
James Linn

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ROSS, Dave and Vivienne Carter (Charles Dickens)
[Dickens, Charles. - ]. Daoust, Edward C
Dickens, Charles; Dubas, Danielle (Foreword)
Charles Dickens; Editor-James Weber Linn
Dickens, Charles. Frontispiece by Marcus Stone
Dickens, Charles; Adapted by Mabel Dodge Holmes
Dickens, Charles; H. K. Browne (Illustrator)
Dickens, Charles (source work)]: Gay, John [screenwriter
Dickens, Charles Phiz,John Leech,Daniel Maclise,W.J.Linton,Clarkson Stanfield,Joh
Dickens, Charles, - . Barnard, Frederick & Hablot K. Browne ('Phiz'), illustrators. Becker, May Lamberton
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870,Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870,Pearce, John William, 1858- editor
Dickens, Charles. Wood, Gillen D'Arcy Intro Notes
Dickens, Charles; Cruickshank, George [Illustrator]; Phiz [Illustrator]; French, Harry [Illustrator];
Jim Weiss/Charles Dickens [Performer]; Jim Weiss--Reader [Performer];
LI FANG SHENG ( GAI BIAN ). Charles Dickens
YING ) CHA ER SI DI GENG SI ( Charles Dickens ) . GUO SAI JUN YI