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William Smith
Smith, William, Sir, 1813-1893
William George Smith
Ezra Abbot
John Mee Fuller
Henry Wace
Horatio Hackett
John Fuller
Samuel Cheetham
Smith, William, Ed
Edited By Smith, William (Ll.D. )
William Smith John Mee Fuller
Smith, William, Sir, Barnum, S. W.
William, Sir (1813-1893) Smith
Peloubet, F. N. & M. A. (Editors)
William & FN. & MA. Peloubet Smith
Smith, William; Yes [Illustrator]
William Smith L.L.D.
William Aldis Wright William Smith

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William Smith LLD; Rev. F. N. and M. A. Peloubet [Editor]
Smith, William, Sir, Abbot, Ezra, Hackett, Horatio Balch,
Smith, William, (Sir), Hackett, Horatio Balch, Abbot, Ezra,
Smith, William, Sir, Fuller, John Mee, Joint Author
Smith, William, Sir, Hackett, Horatio B. (Horatio Balch), Ed, Abbot, Ezra, Ed
Smith, William, (Sir), Fuller, John Mee,
Smith, William; Ed. by F.N & M.A.Peloubet
Smith, William, Barnum, Samuel W. (Samuel Weed), Ed
William Smith (revised; F.N., edited by; M.A. Peloubet)
Smith, William and (revised and edited by) Peloubet, F. N. & M. A
Smith, William, Peloubet, F. N. (Francis Nathan), Ed, Peloubet, M. A. T. (Mary Abby Thaxter), Joint Ed
Smith, William, Sir, 1813-1893,Barnum, S. W.
Smith, William, Sir, Barnum, Samuel Weed
Smith, William, Sir, Cheetham, S. (Samuel),
Smith, William & F. N. Peloubet and M. A. Peloubet
NEVIN, Alfred; William Henry Munroe; G F Maclear; F W Farrar; Frederic W Madden; William F B Jackson; Albert L Rawson; William Smith; Alexander Cruden
Smith, Sir William and Fuller, Rev. J. M. (eds)
Smith, William / Hackett, H. B.; Abbot, Ezra [Eds.]
Smith, William, Sir, 1813-1893,Hackett, Horatio B. (Horatio Balch), 1808-1875, ed,Abbot, Ezra, 1819-1884, ed
Smith, William, Sir, and Peloubet, F.N. and Peloubet, M.A. editors
Smith, William; Peloubet, F.N. & M.A., Eds.
William, Sir (1813-1893). Wright, William Aldis (1831-1914) Smith
Smith, William. (revised/edited By Rev. F. N. & M. A. Peloubet