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Karl Marx
Marx, Karl, 1818-1883
Marx, Karl ) Stone, N.I. Trans
Leon Trotsky
Karl; Edited By Frederick Engels Marx
ed Karl Marx; Frederick Engels
Marx, Karl; Engels, F.
1818-1883 Marx
C. Arthur
Karl; Engels Marx
MARX (Karl)
MARX Karl and ENGELS Frederick
Frederick Marx Karl And Engels
Marx, Karl (1818-1883)
Marx, Karl / N.I. Stone (trans.)
Marx, Karl ; Engels, Friedrich [Ed]
Marx, Karl, and Trotsky, Leon
Marx, Karl; Stone, N I
Marx. Karl. 1818-1883.
Trotsky, Leon; Marx, Karl

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Marx, Karl Carl (Engles, Frederick Ed) (Moore, Samuel & Aveling, Edward Trans)
Marx, Karl; Frederick Engels (Editor), Samuel Moore And Edward Aveling (Translators)
Marx, Karl & Frederick Engles & Samuel Moore & Edward Aveling
Marx, Karl, 1818-1883, Moore, Samuel, Aveling, Edward Bibbins, 1851-1898, Engels, Friedrich, 1820-1895, Untermann, Ernest
Marx, Karl. Translated By Samuel Moore and Edward Aveling. Edited By Frederick Engels
Marx, Karl; Moore, Samuel, Aveling, Edward, Trans.; Engles, Frederick, Ed. Untermann, Ernest, Ed
MARX, Karl. Introduction by Ian Shapiro. Translated by Samuel Moore and Edward Aveling. Edited by Frederick Engels. Revised by Ernest Untermann.
Marx, Karl and Engels, Friedrich (Ed. ) and Levitsky, Serge L. (Cond.)
Marx, Karl, and Paul, Eden (translator), and Paul, Cedar (translator), and Cole, G.D.H. (introduction)
MARX, Karl, Eden Paul, Cedar Paul (Trans).
Marx, Karl; Engels, Frederich (Edited By); Levitsky, Serge L. (Condensed By)
Marx, Karl; Shapiro, Ian, intro., Engels Frederick, ed.