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Arthur C. Clarke
Dan Richter
Geoffrey Unsworth [Cinematographer]; Stanley Kubrick [Producer]; Stanley Kubrick [Writer]; Ray Lovejoy [Editor]; Victor Lyndon [Producer]; Arthur...
CLARKE Arthur C & Stanley Kubrick
Clarke, Arthur C. Kubrick, Stanley
Arthur C. (Arthur Charles) Clarke
Clarke, Arthur C. (with Peter Hyams)
Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke
Arthur C. / Kubrick Clarke

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Arthur C. Clarke
Arthur C Clarke, Alfred Bester, Isaac Asimov, John Wyndham,
Arthur C. Introduction by James Gunn. Illustrated by Vincent DiFate. CLARKE
Clarke, Arthur C.; Bester, Alfred; Wyndham, John; Asimov, Isaac
Kubrick, Stanley (director, screenwriter); John Jay, Kevin Bray (still photographers); Arthur C Clarke (screenwriter)
Kubrick, Stanley (Director, Screenwriter); John Jay, Kevin Bray (Still Photographers); Arthur C. Clarke (Screenwriter)
Unsworth, Geoffrey; Kubrick, Stanley; Lovejoy, Ray; Lyndon, Victor; Clarke, Arthur C