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Victor Hugo
Hugo, Victor, 1802-1885

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Paltsits, Victor Hugo
Kalpakian, Laura; Hugo, Victor
LANG, Andrew, Francois Villon, Charles d'Orleans, Victor Hugo, Gerard De Nerval, and Others
Ludwig van Beethoven
Hugo, M. Victor
Friedman, Michael Jan, Hugo, Victor, Duffield, Rick
Hugo, Victor; Lang, Andrew
Goldsmith, Oliver and Victor Hugo
Hugo, Victor (1802-1885).
PALSITS, Victor Hugo
Nehemiah How, Victor Hugo Paltsits
About Victor Hugo, Compiled By Anson D. Eby
By HUGO, Victor, Edited With Notes And An Essay On Victor Hugo By George McLean Harper, PH.D. In English, B/W Frontispiece of Hugo, Preface, Blank...
(HAMILTON, Edmond, Charles Cloukey, Miles J. Breuer, Victor Endersby, A.M. McNeil, R.F. Starzl, David H. Keller, Staton Coblentz, A.L. Hodges, and...
(HAMILTON, Edmund, Leo Morey, Charles Cloukey, Miles J. Breuer, Victor Endersby, A.M. McNeil, R.F. Starzl, David H. Keller, Staton A. Coblentz,...
Hugo, Victor, 1802-1885,Masson, Gustave, 1819-1888
HUGO, Victor, FLAUBERT, Gustave, STENDHAL, DUMAS, Alexandre, PREVOST, Antoine, MERIMEE, Prosper
Hugo, Victor; Holmes, Mabel Dodge; Benscoter, Grace A
Hugo, Victor; Wilbour, Charles E. (Translator)
Hugo, Victor; Young, William
Milton, John
Joseph Prentiss Sanger, Henry Gannett, Victor Hugo Olmsted
Compiled by Patricia W. Huot, Decorated Endpapers, includes Dean William Inge, Victor Hugo, Jean Paul Richter, Forbes Robinson, Kahlil Gibran,...
Stevens, Henry; Paltsits, Victor Hugo [revised]
Translated from French of Victor Hugo, with Critical introduction Andrew Lang, frontispiece of Hugo with tissue guard
Hugo, Victor (translated by Huntington Smith)
Hugo, Victor (translated by Isabel F. Hapgood)
HUGO, Victor and Alfred de Musset
Victor; Franklin, Benjamin; Carlyle, Thomas; Alighieri, Dante Hugo
Beyle, Henri; Stendhal; Hugo, Victor
Collins, Wilkie; Lytton, Sir E. Bulwer; Hugo, Victor; James, G. P. R. , Esq
Victor Hugo, Duriez
Escholier, Raymond, Galantiere, Lewis, translator. [Hugo, Victor]
Excerpts from THE CHARTERHOUSE OF PARMA By Stendhal (Henri Beyle) and LES MISERABLES By Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo, Fernando Leal
(Freneau, Philip Morin). Paltsits, Victor Hugo
Oliver Goldsmith & Victor Hugo blank endpapers show some foxing, frontispiece, illustrated in color by drawing by Eugene Smith, etc
Victor Hugo , Frontispiece
Victor Hugo, Geoff Woollen
Goldsmith, Oliver; Hugo, Victor
Victor Hugo, H C O Huss
Victor Hugo Paltsits, Historian (editor)
Hugo Victor & Dumas Alexander
Hugo, Adle. Hugo, Victor
Hugo, Victor & Super, O. B. (Editor)
Hugo, Victor / H.C.O. Huss, ed. & intro
Hugo, Victor \ Gaulmier, Jean [Preface] \ Leuilliot, Bernard [Notes]
Hugo, Victor and Wilbour, Charles E. (Trans. ) and Robinson, James K. (Abridgem
Hugo, Victor Dore, Gustave [ - ] - Illustrator
Hugo, Victor, 1802-1885, Boïelle, James
Hugo, Victor, 1802-1885, Bronson, Thomas Bertrand, 1857-1948
Hugo, Victor, 1802-1885, Yanovì£Skì£I, Shelomoh Ben Á¸¤Ayim Á¸¤Aykì£Il
Hugo, Victor, and Case, David (Read by)
Hugo, Victor, Blank Endpaper Former Owner Inscription & Tear, Preface
Hugo, Victor, Illustrated by: Illustrated by H. R. Millar
Hugo, Victor, introduction by Clayton Hamilton
Hugo, Victor, Paradis, Fran?oise
Hugo, Victor, Translated by M. Dupres
Hugo, Victor; Bazan, Don Caesar; Williams, Henry L
Hugo, Victor; Birrell, Eleanor and Augustine (trans.); Millar, H. R. (illus.)
Hugo, Victor; Cazaban, Catherine
Hugo, Victor; Cerasini, Marc
Hugo, Victor; Dore, Gustave (illus.)
Hugo, Victor; Hamilton, Clayton (Introduction by); Pape, Eric (Illustrated by)
Hugo, Victor; Hapgood, Isabel F
Hugo, Victor; Helen B. Doyle, Translator
Hugo, Victor; Kemshead, C (ed)
Hugo, Victor; Matzke, John E
Hugo, Victor; Orthomann, Ruth
Hugo, Victor; Robert Louis Stevenson, introduction
Hugo, Victor; Rodari, Florian
Hugo, Victor; translated by Hapgood, Isabel F.
Hugo, Victor; Vogel, Malvina G.
Hugo, Victor;Christopher, Tracy
[Hugo, Victor]. Giese, William F
Hugo: Victor
Laemmle, Carl; Chaney, Lon; Hugo, Victor
Matthews, Brander [editor]; Corneille, Pierre; Moliere, Jean Baptiste Poquelin; Racine, Jean Baptiste; Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim; Schiller, Johann...
Mehlman, Jeffrey. [Marx, Karl] [Hugo, Victor] [Balzac]
Robert Burns, Ferdinand Freiligrath, Thomas Hood, Victor Hugo
Shakespeare, William; Hugo, François-Victor
Stevens, Henry, Revised And Elucidated By Victor Hugo Paltsts
Stewart, Diana; Hugo, Victor
Victor Hugo, Tony Smith
[Trollope, Anthony; Dickens, Charles; Twain, Mark; Hawthorne, Nathaniel; Thackeray, William; Collins, Wilkie; Hugo, Victor; Longfellow, Tennyson,...
Trollope, Anthony; Hugo, Victor; Harwood, John Berwick; Daudet, Ernest; Patrick, Mary
Hugo, Victor (compiled by Anson D. Eby)
Victor Hugo (author)
Victor Hugo / Mark Cerasini / Edgar Allan Poe / Paul Theroux
Gonzalez, Victor Hugo
Hugo's Language Books, Victor Hugo
Lindlahr, Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo on
Paltits, Victor Hugo
Victor Hugo, Translated from French by Charles E Wilbour, Blank endpapers Foxed former Owner Names, Inner Hinges starting slightly cracked, Light...
Victor Hugo, Translated from French by Charles E Wilbour, Inner DJ Flap PriceClipped, BLANK ENDPAPERS FORMER OWNER NAME
Merimee, Victor Hugo-Prosper
Hugo, Victor Illustrator: Illustrated by Pablo Marcos
Hugo, Victor Salsa
(SIGNED by Elbert Hubbard) HUGO, Victor
Stendhal; Hugo, Victor
[manuscript]; HUGO, Victor-Marie JERSEY
Hugo, Victor. Translated from the French by Isabel F. Hapgood
Hugo, Victor; Ann S. Stephens
Hugo, Victor; Isabel F. Hapgood (translation); Matthew Josephson (introduction); Tranquillo Marangoni (wood engravings)
Hugo, Victor; Lynd Ward [Illustrator]
Hugo, Victor; McCarthy
Hugo, Victor; Mead Schaeffer (Illustrated by)
Hugo, Victor; Preface Paul Meurice; Translated John W. Harding)
Hugo, Victor; Robert Louis Stevenson (intro.)
Hugo, Victor;Lascelles Wraxall (translator) and Charles E. Wilbour (additions)