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Peter Burchard
Peter D. Burchard
Benjamin Brewster
Wilma Pitchford Hays
Peggy Mann

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Newman, Robert, Burchard, Peter
Phillip Spencer
Miers, Earl Schenck
Wellman, Manly Wade
Margaret Glover Otto
Bradford, Roark
Lynn Haney
Norman Kolpas
Phyllis Rowand
Clewes, Dorothy
Hays, Wilma Pitchford Burchard, Peter
Burchard, Peter; McKenna, Rollie (Photographer)
Pitzer, David; Fulmer, Howard M.; Boyce, Jim; McWhirter, Kevin; Peterson, Michael Todd; Gesner, B. Rustin; Beck, Jeff; Coleman, Kevin; Morris,...
Cumming, Marian
Willard Price
Corbin, William
Bulla, Clyde Robert, And Burchard, Peter
Sterne, Emma Gelders
Curren, Polly
Ace Academics, Ace Academics (Editor)
Brewster, Benjamin and Peter Burchard [Illustrationen]:
Bradford, Peter; Burchard, Peter (Drawings by)
Bradford, Roark; Burchard, Peter (illus
Bulla, Clyde Robert,Burchard, Peter, ill
Clyde Robert, Illustrated By Peter Burchard Bulla
Bulla, Clyde Robert with Illustrations by Peter Burchard
Cooke, Donald E.
Freddie Fields [Producer]; P.K. Fields [Producer]; Pieter Jan Brugge [Producer]; Kevin Jarre [Writer]; Lincoln Kirstein [Writer]; Peter Burchard...
Hays, Wilma Pitchford,Burchard, Peter
Katz, Herbert And Marjorie
Jacket by Peter Burchard Harold Keith
Shotwell, Louisa R.
Haviland, Virginia
Hays, Wilma
Bulla, Clyde Robert; Burchard, Peter / Freeman, Don (illustrator)
Child Study Association of America, Illustrated by Burchard, Peter
Bulla, Clyde R.
Dines, Glen Price, Raymond Burchard, Peter
Miers, Earl Schenk Illustrated by Burchard, Peter
Frank Luther
Robinson, Gertrude
Hays Wilma Pitchford
Frost, Helen
Helene Laird
Herbert M Katz
Wriston, Hildreth T.
The Child Study Association of America; Peter Burchard, illust.
Irving, Washington; ill, Burchard, Peter
Fritz, Jean.
Kolpas, Norman; Burchard, Peter
Lonzo Anderson
Burchard, Ludwig
Otto, Margaret G.
Miers, Earl Schenck, And Burchard, Peter
Burchard, P
P. Burchard
Mann, Peggy. Peter Burchard , Illustrator
Rubens, Peter Paul; Ludwig Burchard; Svetlana Alpers
Spencer, Philip Illustrated by Burchard, Peter
Curren, Polly and Peter Burchard
Spencer, Philip Burchard, Peter (Illustrator)
The Child Study Association of America (selected by)
William (illus. by Peter Burchard) Wise
Wise, William
Willis Lindquist
Hays, Wilma Ill Peter Burchard
Hays, Wilma P.
Wilma Pitchford Hays and Peter Burchard
Hays, Wilma Pitchford with Illustrations by Peter Burchard
Hays, Wilma Pitchford. Peter Burchard (illustrator).