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Lawrence Kohlberg
Anne Colby
Ann Colby
Carolyn Pope Edwards

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Bruno Bettelheim, James M. Gustafson, Kenneth Keniston, Lawrence Kohlberg, Richard S. Peters
Colby, Ann; Kohlberg, Lawrence; Speicher, Betsy; Hewer, Alexandra; Candee, Daniel; Gibbs, John; Power, Clark
Colby, Ann, Kohlberg, Lawrence, Speicher
Rest, James R.
Rheta Devries, Lawrence Kohlberg
Power, F. Clark, Ann Higgins, And Lawrence Kohlberg
Colby, Ann, Lawrence Kohlberg Betsy Speicher a. o
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Gustafson, James M., Richard S. Peters, Lawrence Kohlberg, Bruno Bettelheim
Kohlberg, Lawrence, Charles Levine and Alexandra Hewer
Michael L. Commons (Editor), Cheryl Armon (Editor), Lawrence Kohlberg (Editor), Francis A. Richards (Editor), Tina A. Grotzer (Editor), Jan D....
Sohan Modgil (Editor), Celia Modgil (Editor), Lawrence Kohlberg (Editor)
Clark Power John Gibbs Daniel Candee Alexandra Hewer Betsy Speicher Lawrence Kohlberg Ann Colby
John Gibbs Lawrence Kohlberg
Power Clark Gibbs John Candee Daniel Hewer Alexandra Speicher Betsy Kohlberg Lawrence Colby Ann
Gibbs John Kohlberg Lawrence
Gustafson, James M.; Richard S. Peters, Lawrence Kohlberg, Bruno Bettelheim and Kenneth Keniston
Rest, J R
Linklater, Andro; Russell, Valerie; Nicolson, James R.; Eunson, Ronnie; Kohlberg, Nancy; Alderson, Lawrence; Lutwyche, Richard H. L.
Edited by Theodore Sizer; Contributing authors: Nicholas Wolterstoff, George La Nove, Arthur Gilbert, Frederick Olafson, Harvey Cox, Samuel...