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John Netherton
Howard Baker
Mike Carlton
Anne Welsbacher
Ruth Berman
Jr. Baker Howard H.
Puterbaugh, Parke, Netherton, John

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Rose Houk
Netherton, John; Egerton, John
Dubl, David, Netherton, John
Parke Puterbaugh, Jennifer Derby (Editor), Jennifer Derby (Photographer), John Netherton (Photographer), Tom Blagden (Photographer), Tom Blagden...
John Netherton, Howard H., Jr. Baker
Suzanne Paul Dell'Oro; Illustrator-John Netherton
Baker, Howard, (Senator) and John Netherton (photo) and Howard Baker (text)
PUTERBAUGH, Parke; NETHERTON, John, and BLAGDEN, Tom Jr., photographers
Senator Howard Baker; John Netherton
Suzanne Paul Dell'Oro; Andres Varela-Paul; Illustrator-John Netherton; Photographer-John Netherton
Taylor, John H.; Netherton, Robin; Education, CASE Council For Advancement And Support of