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Jackie Collins

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Collins, Britt
Stephens, Deborah Collins, and Speier, Jackie, and Risley, Michealene Cristini
Deborah Collins Stephens, Michealene Cristini Risley, Jackie Speier, Jan Yanehiro
Jackie Johnson Maughan, Kathryn Collins
Autor, / Titel: Collins Jackie.:
Jackie und Edith Walter- Herold:, Collins:
Collins, Jacky and Collins, Jackie
Diana Collins, Jackie Menzies, Judith Rutherford, Ken Rutherford, Jacqueline Sim
Literatur - Collins, Jackie
Collins, Jackie u.a
Collins, Jackie und Edith Walter (Übers.)
Collins, Jackie und Edith Walter- Herold
Photographs by Santi Visalli. Foreword by Jackie Collins
Stephens, Deborah Collins; Speier, Jackie; Risley, Michealene Cristini, Yanehiro