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Irving Rouse
Arie Boomert
Cornelius Osgood
Li Chi
Robert A. McKennan
Annemarie Anrod Shimony
Moni Nag

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Cornelius Berrien Osgood
Sidney Wilfred Mintz (Editor), Irving Rouse (Editor)
Sidney Wilfred Mintz, Douglas Hall, Irving Rouse (Editor)
Goggin, John M.; Mintz, Sidney Wilfred and Rouse, Irving
Bennett, Wendell Clark and Rouse, Irving
Rouse, Irving. Cruxent, Jose M
Tax, Sol; Eiseley, Loren C.; Rouse, Irving; Voegelin, Carl F.
Rouse, Irving and Jose M. Cruxent
Irving Rouse and Jos?? M. Cruxent
Sturtevant, William C.; Mintz, Sidney Wilfred and Rouse, Irving
Bennett, Wendell Clark; Bullbrook, J. A. and Rouse, Irving
Hogg, Donald; Mintz, Sidney Wilfred and Rouse, Irving
Lounsbury, Floyd Glenn and Rouse, Irving
Underwood, Frances W.; Mintz, Sidney Wilfred and Rouse, Irving
Howard, George Delvigne; Osgood, Cornelius and Rouse, Irving
J. M. Cruxent & Irving Rouse
Pospisil, Leopold
Goggin, John Mann and Rouse, Irving
Cruxent, J.M. and Irving Rouse
Tax, Sol; Loren C. Eiseley, Irving Rouse
Cruxent, J. M. and Irving Rouse
CUMMINGS, Ray, Talbot Mundy, Gerge F Worst, Oscar J Friend, Fred MacIsaac, William Merriam Rouse, Jay J Kalez, A Leslie, Raymond A Wohlrabe, C A...
Rouse, Irving & John M. Goggin
OLSEN, Fred; foreword by George Kubler, introduction by Irving Rouse;
Sol Tax, Loren C. Eiseley, Irving Rouse
Davenport, William
Rouse, Irving and Ricardo E. Alegria
Kidder, Alfred Vincent; & Rouse Irving (Preface)
Osgood, Cornelius und Irving Rouse
Rainey, Groehlich G. und Irving Rouse
Honigmann, John Joseph and Rouse, Irving
Rouse, Irving and J. M. Goggin
J.M. Cruxent, Irving Rouse
Jesse, Rev. C.; Rouse, Professor Irving (Foreword); Haag, Professor William G.; Bullen Professor Ripley P.; Bullen, Mrs....
McKusick, Marshall B.; Mintz, Sidney Wilfred and Rouse, Irving
Osgood, Cornelius & Rouse, Irving
ROUSE (Irving) and Jose M. Cruxent
Rainey, Froelich G. And Irving Rouse
Argosy (Slater LaMaster; F. V. W. Mason; George F. Worts; Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur; William Merriam Rouse; Lupe Loya; Lieut. John Hopper; Eric...
Argosy) [cover by Paul Stahr] [Oscar J. Friend, W. Wirt, A. Merritt, Don McGrew, William Corcoran, Robert N. Bryan, Richard HOwells Watkins,...
Argosy) [cover by Robert A. Graef] [Ray Cummings, Talbot Mundy, George F. Worts, Oscar J. Friend, Fred MacIsaac, William Merriam Rouse, Jay J....
Cruxent, J.M. & Rouse, Irving
OSGOOD (Cornelius); Rouse, Irving
Irving, Rouse; Goggin, John M; Guthe, Alfred K; Kelly, Patricia, B
Moeller, Roger W. Reid, John,; Rouse, Irving
OSGOOD (Cornelius) and Irving Rouse
Roger W. Reid, John, ; Rouse, Irving, Moeller
Rouse, Irving & Goggin, John
Rouse, Irving; Goggin, John M. (eds.)
Scenery by William Beverly [Starring Henry Irving, John Rouse, David Fisher in:] by Dion Boucicault
Cruxent, J. M., Irving Rouse, Eds.
Cruxent, J.M.; Rouse, Irving
Cutter, Irving S. & Viets, Henry R.
Deevey, Edward, Richard Flint and Irving Rouse, Editors
Byers, Douglas S. And Irving Rouse
Olsen, Fred ( Foreworb by George Kubler ) Introductory Essay by Irving Rouse
Rouse, Irving + Vera Masius Ferguson
Rouse, Irving and John M Goggin (editors)
J.M. & Rouse, Irving Cruxent
Cutter, Irving S And Henry R Viets
Cutter, Irving S.
Cutter, Irving S. And Vie...
Rouse, Irving/ V.M. Ferguson
Kidder, Alfred Vincent; Rouse, Irving
OSGOOD, Cornelius, And Irving Rouse.
ROUSE Irving
Shimony (Annemarie)
William H Davenport