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Frederick Barthelme

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BARTHELME, Frederick and Steven
Editor Frederick Barthelme
Bass, Rick, edited by Frederick Barthelme
Baldessari, John and Bruce Yonemoto (curators); Frederick Barthelme, Bruce Nauman, Richard Prince, et al
Barthelme, Frederick (editor); Carver, Raymond; Ammons, A R
Barthelme, Frederick, editor, Robert Brinkley, Guest editor
Barthelme, Frederick; Frederick Barthelme
Meanor, Patrick and Joseph McNicholas (edited by) [re: Louis Auchincloss, Frederick Barthelme, Vladimir Nabokov, Pinckney Benedict, Michael...
Susan Lipper Frederick Barthelme mid
The Hopkins Review) [cover photo by Phyllis Arbesman Berger] [[Peter Cooley, Debora Greger, Mark halliday, Stanley Plumly, Peter Schmitt, Floyd...