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Earl R. Babbie
George W. Dowdall
Kim A. Logio

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Michael G. Maxfield, Earl R. Babbie
Healey, Joseph F./ Boli, John/ Babbie, Earl R./ Halley, Fred
Babbie, Allen Rubin / Earl R.
Babbie, Earl; Halley, Fred
Maxfield, Michael G. / Babbie, Earl R.
Allen, Babbie, Earl R. Rubin
Babbie Earl R. ISBN
Earl R. (Robert), Halley, Frederick (Fred) S., Zaino Babbie
Babbie & Fred Halley. Healey, Joseph F. & Earl
Babbie, 2nd Edition
Babbie Earl R Cram10
Babbie Earl R. Cram101 T.
Babbie, Earl R.; Maxfield, Michael G.; Maxfield, Michael
Glock Charles Y. , Benjamin B. Ringer and Earl R. Babbie
Charles Y. Glock; Benjamin B. Ringer; Earl R. Babbie
A. Rubin, E. Babbie & P. Allen Lee
Allen Rubin, Earl Babbie
Earl R. (Robert), Halley, Frederick (Fred) S., Wagne Babbie
Earl R. (Robert), Wagner, William E., Zaino, Jeanne Babbie
Earl R. Babbie and Mich
Wood, Julia T.
Kim A., Dowdall, George W., Babbie, Earl R. (Robert), Logio
Earl R. Babbie, Leslie A. Baxter
Michael G., Babbie, Earl R. Maxfield
Wagenaar; Theodore C.; Babbie; Earl R.