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Vladimir Nabokov

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Nabokov, Vladimir; Translated By Nabokov, Dmitri; Annotated By Boyd, Brian and Robert Michael Pyle
Harold W. McGraw, Jr.; Alfred Appel, Jr.; Julian L. Moynahan; Alfred Kazin; John H. Updike; Dmitri Nabokov
Lermontov, Mihail; Nabokov, Vladimir, translator; Nabokov, Dmitri, translator
Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich, and Nabokov, Dmitri
Nabokov, Dmitri [and] Matthew J. Bruccoli, editors
Nabokov, Vladimir. (Poems) Karshan, Thomas. (Ed.) Nabokov, Dmitri. (T
Nabokov,Dmitri & Bruccoli,Matthew J. (ed)
Pia Pera, Ann Goldstein (Translator), Dmitri Nabokov (Foreword)
Nabokov, Vladimir, translated by Dmitri Nabokov
NABOKOV, Vladimir. (NABOKOV, Dmitri). (BRUCCOLI, Matthew J.)
Mikhail Iâ¸Â Uâ¸Â¡Rêâ¹Evich Lermontov
Nabakov, Vladimir; trans, Nabokov, Dmitri
Nabokov, Dmitri and Bruccolli, Matthew edtiors
Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich/ Karshan, Thomas (EDT)/ Nabokov, Dmitri (TRN)
Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich;Nabokov, Dmitri;Random House Knopf
Nabokov, Vladimir, translated by Dmitri Nabokov (Nabokov's son)
Nabokov, Vladimir, Translated Form the Russian By Dmitri Nobokov in Collaboration with the Author
Nabokov, Vladimir; Nabokov, Dmitri [Translator]
QUENNELL, Peter, ed. [Hannah Green, Martin Amis, Dmitri Nabokov, et. al.]
Nabokov, Vladimir. Introduction and Translations By Dmitri Nabokov
Nabokov, Vladirir
Dmitri Nabokov & Matthew J Bruccoli (Edited)
Lemontov, Miha, and Nabokov, Vladimir (Translator)
Lermontov, Mikhail Yurevich
NABOKOV, Vladimir, Dmitri Nabokov (Trans).
Nabokov, Vladimir, Nabokov, Dmitri, & Matthew J. Bruccoli, editors
Nabokov, Vladimir, Translated by Dmitri Nabokov in collaboration with the Author
Nabokov, Vladimir., trans. by Dmitri Nabokov & the author
Quintetto Vocale Italiano; Performer-Gastone Sarti; Performer-Dmitri Nabokov; Performer-Clara Foti; Performer-Karla Schlean; Performer-Rodolfo...
Nabokov, Vladimir (ed. Brian Wood & Robert Michael Pyle; Translation By Dmitri Nabokov)
Nabokov, Vladimir. Dmitri Nabokov (translation).